By Mitch Silver

“He’s the very model of what a student-athlete should be. Max is the team’s leader on and off the court, organizing activities that bring the team closer together. On the court, there’s never an eye roll when a teammate does something wrong, never a word of criticism — he just helps the others become better players.” Those are the words of Rye High Boys’ Basketball Head Coach John Aguilar, speaking of Garnets’ captain Max Samberg.

Recently, Samberg was named Con Edison Athlete of the Week for his play with the undefeated Rye team. Now he’s gained another honor by being named Rye High’s Athlete of the Month, an honor given by the Rye Lions Club and the school’s athletic department.

“People I’ve idolized ever since I’ve been here basketball players and those in other sports have been named Athletes of the Month, and now I’m one of the them. It’s very humbling,said Max.

Given to those students who excel on the court, in the classroom, and the community, the Lions Club Award also serves as a ticket to the year-end dinner at The Osborn in June, when Rye’s Athlete of the Year will be chosen by a vote of the student body.

Samberg has attained a 96 cumulative GPA while taking Advanced Placement courses in Calculus, Macro Economics, both World and U.S. History, and Psychology. Of that last course Max said, “It was really our teacher who made the subject as interesting and involving as it was for me. Ms. Kristen Warner is a wonderful teacher.”

So where does December’s winner go from here? Cornell University, which has accepted him Early Decision. “I don’t know if I’ll major in Psychology or Economics; I guess I’ll have to see. And while I’m thinking about it, I’ll see if I can get some playing time on their basketball team...the way my dad did when he went there.”

Don’t bet against it.

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