By Melanie Cane

Rye Recreation Softball underwent an overhaul for the 2017 Season. For the first time in over a decade, the Adult Men’s League was split into two, not three divisions. The A, B, and C division format was replaced with the American and National leagues, mimicking Major League Baseball. 

The Men’s League boasted 19 teams. This new format allowed for six teams from each division to make the playoffs, instead of only four teams as in the past.  

The Women’s Sound Shore League grew to seven teams with the addition of The Wild Pitches. 

After four months of weekly games, and several rainouts, the season culminated with three champions: Pete Miceli’s Second Chance in the National League, Joe Casino’s Sam’s Bar and Grill in the American League, and Bobby Piovesan’s Poppy's Ballbusters in the Women’s League.

The National League teams had some unexpected twists in the playoffs. Fifth-place 2nd Chance triumphed over first-place Coyotes, and third-place MnM beat second- place Hammerheads. In the two-out-of-three-game championship series, 2nd Chance beat MnM 15-12 in the first game and 9-8 in extra innings in an exciting title game.

In the American League, first-place Sam’s Bar and Grill topped Rye Liquor in two games. The first game was close, 15-13, but the second game was a blowout.

In their third consecutive Sound Shore League championship match-up, first-place Poppy’s Ballbusters beat Neri’s Bakery 10-5 in the first game. In their next game, Neri’s returned the favor, winning by the same score. A week later, Poppy’s turned up the heat, beating Neri’s 11-5.

Sam’s Bar & Grill, winners of the American League

High-fives all around for Second Chance, National League champs

Poppy’s Ballbusters claimed their third consecutive Women’s Sound Shore League title.