A number of Rye High’s college-bound senior athletes gathered in the school library recently with Athletic Director Mike Arias and High School Principal Patricia Taylor.

In alphabetical order, they are: John Amaya-Bryant University-Soccer; Teddy Aquilino-Ohio Wesleyan University-Lacrosse; Clemente Borgogni-Georgetown University-Crew; Katherine Brown-Oswego College-Softball; Mat Bruno-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Football; Myles Burbank-Gettysburg College-Baseball; Jamie Chabot-Union College-Football; Caitlin Cornacchia-Boston College-Crew; Jaime Donnelly- Middlebury College-Volleyball; Sharon Doyle- UCLA-Crew; Firoz George-UNC-Fencing; Fusine Govaert-Boston College-Field Hockey; Amanda Hartzell-Yale University-Lacrosse; Will Hynson-High Point University-Lacrosse; Erica Kinstel-University of Tampa-Crew; Ryan Kirkpatrick- Dennison College-Lacrosse; James McHugh-Penn State-Golf; Charlie Nagle-Colgate University-Basketball; Caroline Neave-Stanford University-Squash;Katie Popp-Washington and Lee University-Basketball; Lindsay Powers-Tufts University-Sailing;Tyler Reno-Washington and Lee University-Football; Nathalie Rodilosso-Princeton University-Tennis; Augustine Rodriguez-Brown University-Crew.

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