By Melanie Cane

In the Wildcats’ April 21 home game against Hackley, Taylor Regan broke the school’s Girls’ Lacrosse scoring record. The senior co-captain scored 13 times and ended the game with 268 goals. But breaking the record was bittersweet for because her team lost 19-17.

The Wildcats won the first draw and Regan got a low shot off immediately, but it was stopped by Hornets goalie Tyroma Nwakonie. Hackley scored on their first possession five minutes into the half. Regan answered 30 seconds later with a high shot from the left side. The Hornets scored again three minutes later and Regan responded by running the ball downfield off the draw and shooting a rocket past the goalie. She followed that up with a penalty shot to give the Wildcats a 3-2 lead.

Hackley quickly tied it up, but Wildcat Emily Moran scored off a fast break. Hackley came back and knotted the game at 4. On the next play, with Hackley double-teaming Regan, her teammates settled the ball and Sarah Walker passed to Paula Harasimicz, who scored from the right side inside the circle. Hackley answered back immediately to knot it at 5. Wildcat Ryan Hammel then scored on a penalty shot. The Hornets scored two consecutive goals. Nwakonie saved two of Regan’s shots, but Regan scored three goals in a row to give the Wildcats a 10-9 lead at the end of the half.

The second half was essentially a carbon copy of the first half, until the final minutes. With the teams knotted at 17 and Hackley in possession, the Hornets scored, and on the play the Wildcats received a yellow card leaving them down a player. The Hornets maintained possession and settled the ball until the last second when they shot to score again.

In Coach Georgette Summers’ words, “We beat ourselves. Our errors were ones of youth and inexperience.”

When asked about Taylor Regan’s big night, Coach Summers said, “Taylor has worked exceptionally hard year-round to perfect intricate skills that allow her, day in and day out, to play an exceptional game. Breaking the school scoring record is a monumental milestone. I can only imagine what the new scoring record will be at the end of the season.” (As of May 1, it was up to 290!)

Regan went into the game knowing she was on the verge of breaking the record held by Julia Massaro, class of 2015, but she said her priority was to win. “My main focus is always on the team and although breaking this record means a lot to me, in the moment I was focused on the game.”

Ryan Hammel about to score

Taylor Regan shooting around the Hackley goalie

Sarah Walker running the ball downfield.

Taylor Regan being double-teamed.

Emily Moran scoring off a fast break.

Taylor Regan racing to the Hackley net.


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