All the Light You Can Clearly See

One hundred-fifty members of the Rye High School class of 2018 were inducted into the chapter of the National Honor Society at a candle-lighting ceremony at the Performing Arts Center on October 11. To be eligible for membership, students must maintain a cumulative average of 90 or greater and perform a minimum of 75 hours of volunteer service.

The Rye High faculty nominated students, who they believe embody the ideals that the Society celebrates: Jared Olbrys for scholarship, Mary (Maggie) Devlin for leadership, Alexander Mayo-Smith for service, and Chase Bekkerus for character. Those students then chose classmates they believe represent those same qualities: Nora Woodruff for scholarship, Emma Smith for leadership, Elena (Lainie) Agosta for service, and Peter Chabot for character.

At the ceremony, the students lit candles to represent each of these qualities, and all joined in repeating the pledge of induction.

Once inducted, National Honor Society members continue their volunteer service. Last year’s graduating class logged 1,300 tutoring hours, and this year's class has pledged to match that number.

Candle of Service students Alexander Mayo-Smith and Lainie Agosta

Candle of Character students Chase Bekkerus and Peter Chabot

Candle of Leadership students Maggie Devlin and Emma Smith

Candle of Scholarship students Jared Olbrys and Nora Woodruff