The Community Resource Center of Mamaroneck has a long history of collaborating with Rye Neck High School students, said Co-Executive Director Gail Vidales. “I think that bridging the Center with the School District gives students insight into the challenges that the clients we serve face, as well as an appreciation for the need for advocacy. It also offers students the opportunity to give back to the community in such a concrete way.”

“It was important to us to determine the challenges the local community has with transportation. The survey the students drafted was a huge help,” noted Vidales who, along with Co-Executive Director Jirandy Martinez, presented the results to the municipality of Mamaroneck.

The survey yielded the following statistics:

* 52.3% of immigrants surveyed must either walk, bike, or take public transit to get to the nearest supermarket, located more than three miles from the Community Resource Center on Center Street, the vicinity where most of the respondents live.

* 28% of this population drives without a license to get to work, health care, or a supermarket.

* 14.8% have obtained a driver’s license out-of-state.

* $40 is the average per person amount spent weekly on public transportation.

The Community Resource Center’s long-term goal is to support Green Light NY, an initiative that would ensure equal access to driver’s licenses for all residents of New York State, regardless of immigration status. It is already implemented in Connecticut and Vermont.