1/26: iPhony. Complainant stated he was defrauded while selling iPhone in front of police HQ. Purchaser provided $900 in counterfeit $100 bills.

1/28: Henry Street settlement. Assisted taxi driver with fare dispute, language barrier. Arranged payment at scene.

1/28: Orchard Avenue. Taxi driver stated there was fare disagreement. Paid.

1/28: A canard. Complainant heard multiple gunshots coming from Edith Read Sanctuary, where duck hunting is not allowed, 7:20 a.m. Unable to locate source.

1/28: Caller reported he found young child wandering on North Street by herself, wandered into neighbor’s yard, 9:30 a.m. Recovered by mother prior to arrival.

1/28: Larceny. Unknown individual reported stealing beer, CVS.

1/28: Quacker-jack shots. Checked waters off Edith Read for duck hunters, 11 a.m. Confirmed they were shooting below high-water mark, discharging towards Sound, not land. Not violating restrictions.

1/27: Possible disabled vehicle, Playland Parkway. Serious language barrier with caller. Vehicle crashed while exiting at Playland Access Drive. Vincent’s towingcontacted by County police.

1/27: Suspicious person. Male reported carrying large object walking onto I-95 North by Playland Parkway. Bumper had blown off back of pickup truck.

1/27: Howard Place caller stated someone hired by neighbor was attempting to cut down her hedges. Misunderstanding.

1/27: Hypodermic needle found in area of Rye Town Park dog run.

1/27: Deer struck by car, Locust/Summit avenues. Dispatched.

1/27: Erratic driver reported, BPR/Playland Parkway. Spoke to driver at length. No suspicious behavior witnessed. Turned out to be resident.

1/26: Dispute with Uber driver, Colby Avenue. Resolved without further incident.

1/26: All ironed out. DPW reported two women attempting to jump or climb down wall, into brook across from Fong’s Hand Laundry. Save the Sound project workers taking samples.

1/26: Dozen Rules of the Road violation summonses/warnings issued, 6-9 p.m.

1/26: Resident reported 14-year-old male throwing up, possibly intoxicated. EMS dispatched.

1/25: Crosswalk iced over due to running water leak, School Street, 3:25 a.m. DPW to salt down before commuters came out.

1/25: Illegally parked vehicles, BPR/Haviland Lane.

1/25: DPW worker advised that resident was cursing at him and being unruly. Cars 10 and 11 sent. Resident was upset with parties on his Maple Avenue property without permission. Situation resolved prior to arrival.

1/25: Report of dog running around without a leash, Orchard Avenue. Back with owner.

1/25: Caller reported smoke coming from her Highland Road boiler and carbon monoxide detector sounding. RFD dispatched. Heavy smoke condition from chimney upon arrival. Made sure all parties were out of house.

1/25: Resident stated older green Ford Explorer was driving slowly through Indian Village neighborhood. Canvassed area several times with negative results.

1/24: Criminal Warrant. Fugitive from justice in regard to assault that occurred on Theodore Fremd Avenue.

1/24: Age-old story. Elm Place dispute, landlord-tenant issues. Individuals advised to go to civil court.

1/23: Illegally parked vehicles: Davis Avenue, Fenton Street. Summonses issued.

1/23: High Street caller stated vehicle backing up from driveway struck her car.

1/23: Complainant stated her recently separated husband had been using credit cards illicitly obtained by him in her name to charge over $9,000 debt.

1/22: Brevoort Lane resident wished to ensure duck hunters know they have to be shooting away from, not parallel to, propertySpoke with complainant, advised to call DEC.

1/22: Caller stated she watched party with long hair try rear sliding door on Apawamis Avenue residence, then push window open and crawl into same, 10 a.m. Units dispatched. Party was daughter of resident attempting to gain entry into her home.

1/22: Caller stated he struck large dog with motor vehicle, BPR/Central Avenue. Dog ran off. Wanted to report in regard to damage to his car.

1/22: Con Ed responded to call from Stuyvesant Avenue/Hall’s Lane resident who saw sparking wire.

1/21: Caller reported male resident [Bulkley Manor] screaming profanities at his children. Caller stated it had happened before. Spoke with party, confirmed he had been screaming at the dog. No witness to provide information. Children were laughing, playing.

1/21: Suspicious vehicle. Green Mini Cooper reported with man standing outside of it who didn’t know what state or city he was in. Claimed car was broken down. Vehicle hit I-95 pothole, front driver side tire blew out. Mini Cooper sending tow.

1/21: Peck’s bad boy. Assisted citizen. Party stated he was involved in road rage incident earlier in the day, BPR/Peck Avenue. Second driver made motion that he had a gun, stepped from vehicle towards complainant. Suspect did not display weapon, returned to his vehicle after noticing victim had several family members in his car. Statement taken.

1/20: Suspicious vehicle. Minivan stopped on bridge, young girl jumped out of it, Harbor Terrace/Oakland Beach Avenue. Car and female still on scene by Piazza Pizza.

1/19: Group of kids reported on Playland Lake on top of thin ice, hazardous condition. Delicate rescue by County Police.

1/18: Ain’t it the truth. Property check. Village quiet, normal.

Photo by Jessica Antico