1/7: Chow main? Water leak inside Water Moon restaurant, 1:16 a.m. RFD gained access. Broken pipe by bathroom near rear entrance. Able to shut off water. RFD reached out to Suez Water. No answer form restaurant contact number, message left. Secured building, left explanation tags.

1/16: Illegally parked vehicle, Central/Summit avenues, warning issued.

1/16: Alarming. Overlook Place resident stated construction site across street had new dumpster being delivered, waking up neighborhood, 6:51 a.m. Dumpster removal completed upon arrival.

1/15: Suspicious vehicle, Greenwood Union Cemetery, 1:19 a.m. Person stated he was visiting mother’s grave because he had no time during the day.

1/15: Walk-in reported finding silver cross in vicinity of Central Avenue/Loewen Court.

1/15: Caller reported icy condition in roadway, Boulder Road/Forest Avenue.

1/15: Vehicle struck stone wall by Jay Estate, unknown injuries, EMS dispatched. Vehicle towed.

1/14: No wampum. State Police reported taxi at Oneida Street location with passenger unwilling to pay fare. Dispute resolved.

1/14: Cowles Avenue party reported his car was broken into and his wallet stolen. Wished not to file report. Advised to come to HQ if he changed his mind.

1/14: Double your displeasure. Illegally parked vehicle blocking crosswalk and handicap parking spot, Purchase Street/W. Purdy Avenue. Summonses issued.

1/14: Dalphin Drive caller reported dog at house where he is housesitting may have died. Assisted party with relocating animal to garage until residents returned home.

1/14: Male possibly living in Budget Rent-a-Truck reported, CVS parking lot. Budget truck empty. Spoke with Con Edison emergency crew located in lot. Suspicion unfounded.

1/13: Caller reported man standing outside his car on John Jay Place for quite a while, 12:49 a.m. Resident called back. Vehicle left area.

1/13: Rules of the Road. Driving across solid passing line, Purchase Street/US-1. Warning issued.

1/13: Party believed he lost his car at train station. Canvassed area, negative results.

1/13: Larceny. Wallet stolen from Y locker room, Locust Avenue. Statement taken.

1/13: Two coyotes sighted, Midland Avenue/Playland Parkway. 7:38 p.m.

1/13: Wheely weird. Caller observed vehicle traveling on Playland Parkway near Milton Road with only three wheels. Units dispatched to investigate. GOA.

1/13: Walk-in stated he was bitten by dog while delivering food to Elmwood Avenue address.

1/12: Appy ending. Uber driver reported dropping off intoxicated female on Oakland Beach Avenue. Party was yelling, kicking. Driver not injured, did not wish to press charges. Female located her home’s yard, went inside through garage without further incident.

1/12: Cowles Avenue complainant stated her vehicle was broken into overnight.

1/12: Midland School crossing guard supervisor reported speeding vehicles. Upon arrival, no violations observed, morning drop-off completed. Spoke with supervisor regarding complaints.

1/12: Party turned in ring she found at bottom of Dearborn Avenue sledding hill.

1/12: Very large potholes creating hazard, BPR/Orchard Avenue.

1/12: Illegally parked vehicles, Station Plaza, Lot #5, Midland Avenue. Summonses issued.

1/11: Cha-ching! Large pothole, Central Avenue. DPW notified.

1/10: Larceny from motor vehicle, Car Park #1.

1/9: Complainant wanted to document incident regarding suspicious email received.

1/9: Ups and downs of the job. Suspicious males wearing dark clothing reported engaged in possible drug interaction, Pondview Road/Theodore Fremd Avenue, 12:49 p.m. Parties stopped at entrance to senior housing under construction. Employees of elevator company stated they were walking around on their lunch break. Checked out.

1/9: Report of male in baseball cap driving Ford Mustang at high speed, passing cars in single lane, Central/Theodore Fremd avenues.

1/9: Suspicious red vehicle parked in middle of roadway, Grapal Street/Palisade Road. Owner located, vehicle removed. Warning issued.

1/8: Motor vehicle reported backing up into DPW truck, Oakland Beach Avenue. No injuries.

1/8: Old Post Road caller stated vehicle was blocking her driveway. Summons issued. Driveway passable.

1/8: Caller reported suspicious male in green jacket, knit cap carrying coffee walking in Fraydun Place area. GOA.

1/8: Dark colored Jeep with NY plates threw garbage out window, Forest Avenue/Playland Parkway. Caller also smelled marijuana. Last seen driving towards Playland parking lot. GOA.

1/8: Blue Honda reported parked illegally in handicap parking space, Grandview Avenue. Summons issued.

1/7: Un-shoveled sidewalk, Harbor Terrace, Hewlett/Beck/Forest avenues. Summonses issued.

1/6: Suspicious vehicle, Rye Road. White 4-door Honda or Acura. Checked property. Car tracks in driveway, not footprints in snow. Front of house secure, no visible damage to façade.

1/6: City Code violation, snow/ice not off sidewalk after 24 hours, North Street. Summons issued.

1/6: Just the facts. MVA, Forest/Oakwood avenues. Big car, little car.

1/5: Assist Citizen. Young male found walking by town dock, Stuyvesant Avenue, 1:09 a.m. Transported to Grace Church/Cottage streets.

1/5: Stranded travelers at Station Plaza needed ride. No taxis/Uber available. Dropped off at US-1 and The Parkway, 2:05 a.m.

1/5: Snow ordinance violations, Grapal/Grace Church/Chestnut streets, Locust Avenue. Summonses issued.

1/5: Grrrrrrrrrrr. Caller reported dog left out in cold, Bulkley Manor. Summons issued. Party was home entire time the dog was barking. Did not answer door upon RPD arrival. Brought dog in after 20 minutes of barking.

1/4: Noise of barking dog coming from Vale Place residence. City Code violation issued, left in mailbox.

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