11/21: Audacious. Black Audi reported parked on Maple Avenue sidewalk. Summons issued.

11/28: Animal struck by motor vehicle, BPR/Bradford Avenue. DPW notified.

11/27: Improperly registered vehicle, parked on sidewalk, Wainwright Street. Summons issued.

11/27: Resident reported suspicious dark-colored SUV parked across from her Cedar Street house. No occupied vehicles found in area.

11/27: Rye Rec requested to speak with officers regarding illegal dumping.

11/27: Caller reported two suspicious males wearing all black acting suspicious, Hammond Road/North Street.

11/27: Assisted citizen who said leaf blower fell off his truck on Eldridge Place, another company may have retrieved it.

11/27: Rules of the Road. Exceeded 30 m.p.h. speed limit, Forest Avenue. Summons issued.

11/27: Poor conception. Verizon truck performing work in roadway, Elm Place/Purchase Street, no flagman. Truck parked in intersection over crosswalk. Conditions were to be corrected. Warning issued.

11/27: Caller reported striking deer which was lying injured on side of Osborn Road. RFD on scene washed down street. DPW on scene. Deer dispatched.

11/26: Rules of the Road, failed to stay right on double yellow-lined roadway, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues. Warning issued.

11/26: Complainant stated gray Toyota Corolla was driving aggressively at high speed, Playland Fountain.

11/26: This Bud’s for…no one. Ridgewood Drive party wanted to report backpack that was hidden in old foundation which he found to be suspicious. Stated he saw young man pull up in gray Acura MDX, exit with a backpack, walk onto foundation, returned without backpack. Upon investigation, discovered small pack with several Budweiser beers stashed. Bag removed, disposed of by resident.

11/26: Give that owner a biscuit! Dog reported barking, Summit Avenue. Spoke to homeowners and advised them of City Code. They took dog inside, promised it would no longer be an issue.

11/25: C’mon in. Assisted citizen. Passer-by noticed screen off window and window ajar at Griffin Place residence. Homeowner arrived on scene, stated screen always off window, door always unlocked.

11/24: Doggone it. Walk-in reported her dog was bitten by another dog.

11/24: Caller reported large group of youths in street possibly fighting, Apawamis/Forest avenues. Spoke with youths who stated there was no fighting or problems.

11/24: No more decaf, Ronald. 911 call regarding person who fell asleep at wheel while waiting on McDonald’s drive-thru.

11/22: Odor of gas inside Elmwood Avenue house. A 101-year-old female inside unable to leave on her own. RFD dispatched.

11/22: The buck stopped there. Pondview Road caller stated deer was in their front yard, laying down, possibly sick. Large buck, appeared sluggish, old but not overtly sick or injured.

11/21: Talk about hackneyed. Rules of the Road. Defendant seen driving up to taxi inspection after check had shown his privilege to drive was suspended. Arrested.

11/21: Hewlett Avenue caller reported receiving package from Saks Fifth Avenue that she did not order, also had fraudulent charge on her credit card. At about 3 p.m. she observed black BMW with tinted windows across from her home. Officer dispatched to take sworn statement.

11/21: Voluminous. Caller reported group in backyard of Osborn Road residence was loud and disturbing her peace, 10:04 p.m. Spoke to homeowners who said they would bring party inside and keep volume down.

11/20: Black vehicle reported parked on street, playing loud music, Chamberlain Street/Oakland Beach Avenue, 12:38 a.m. Spoke to driver, told him to turn music down, head home.

11/19: Flyos. Thin aluminum piece breaking away from upper façade of Verizon Building, Purchase Street. Area taped off, message left with building supervisor.

11/19: Jaywalker. Caller reported unknown male exited Jay estate property on foot, got into unknown vehicle, proceeded northbound on BPR where it drove into gas station.

11/18: Heavy equipment being used prior to appropriate time, Locust/Maple avenues. Summons issued.

11/17: Suspicious vehicle. Black SUV reported going around barrier into Playland. Local resident collecting firewood.

11/17: Party reported punched in face by co-worker at Grandview Avenue construction site.

11/17: Large woodchuck killed by motor vehicle, Centre Street/Forest Avenue.

11/17: Animal acting rabid, inside recycling bins, Bradford Avenue. Animal made its way into woods.

11/17: Raccoon dragging its back legs, attempted to bite dog, Red Oak Drive. Raccoon captured.

11/17: Vehicle parked illegally for several days, Station Plaza, towed by Vincent’s.

11/16: Multiple leaf blowers reported, Greenhaven Road. New company to area, promised to continue with one blower at a time. Warning issued.

11/15: Tell-tail. Rules of the Road. Vehicle driving southbound on Forest Avenue near Grace Church Street, no tail lamp, unlicensed operator. Summons issued.