8/30: Cha-ching. Sixteen Rules of the Road summonses/warnings issued, 6:30 –10:30 p.m. Everywhere

9/1: TD or not TD. Caller stated there was machine-like high-pitched noise in downtown Purchase Street area. Noise appeared to be coming from TD Bank roof, possible HVAC system failing.

9/1: Walk-in stated he saw bag of golf clubs in front of Mobil station, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Property retrieved.

9/1: Neighborhoody trouble. Complainant stated she saw three male youths in hoodies walking around the area of Forest Avenue/Martin Butler Court. Thought it was suspicious.

8/31: Suspicious vehicle reported in front of 184 Purchase Street. Listed owner stated he was waiting to pick up a friend.

8/31: Screen pass. Neighbor stated Orchard Drive resident was shouting loudly, creating excessive noise. Made contact, party yelling from within residence. Entrance made through front door by ripping screen. Party alert and oriented, denied needing help, requested officers leave. Was concerned about screen damage and how to get reimbursed.

8/31: Strong odor of gas reported in Halstead Place/Oakland Beach Avenue. Con Ed responding.

8/31: Warriston Lane resident found two inflatable tubes on his property. Recovered and stored at HQ.

8/31: Milton Road resident stated his vehicle was vandalized. Sworn statement taken.

8/30: Open-and-shut case. County Coach bus door found open, Goldwyn Street, 2 a.m. Bus checked for occupants with negative results, another bus had keys left in door. Officer left card with incident information, placed keys in building.

8/30: Amazon Crime? Forest Avenue caller stated party placed $8,000 of purchases on her credit card. She cancelled items, but they were delivered to her residence. Unsure if someone was coming to pick them up. Canvassed area, negative results.

8/29: Lost, homeless female observed sitting on curb, Stuyvesant Avenue/Halls Lane, 3 a.m. Stated she was looking for a place to go. Courtesy transport to train station provided.

8/29: Debris found in roadway, Purchase Street/Station Plaza, 5 a.m. Looked to be parts of truck that failed to squeeze under bridge. DPW arrived on scene, cleaned area.

8/29: A rest report. Caller reported driver slumped over wheel of minivan, Playland Access Drive/Theall Road. Party checked out, was resting.

8/28: Caller stated unknown party parked flatbed truck in front of her Horton Street house in violation of beach ordinance. No vehicle owner on scene. Summons issued.

8/28: Parking row. Report of several illegally parked cars near Marina, Milton Road. Spoke with complainant who stated she spoke with RowAmerica Rye owner in attempt to solve a continuing parking problem.

8/28: Despoiler alert. Brevoort Lane caller stated neighbor on several occasions let her two dogs onto his property to relieve themselves without cleanup. Spoke to owner. Situation resolved for now.

8/28: Tips line report of suspicious persons. Kids got out of Honda CR-V at back entrance to baseball field, Johnson Place, Greenhaven. GOA.

8/27: Group of youths reported in BPR/Central Avenue area walking, talking loudly, breaking glass. Advised three youths to keep it low as they walk home.

8/27: Coyote reported running across North Street property towards Greenwood Union Cemetery, 6:35 a.m.

8/27: Catch of the day. Checked two persons fishing, 8:45 a.m., Rye Town Dock. Warnings issued for no fishing registration.

8/26: Anonymous caller reported party with live band in Forest/Rye Beach Avenue area, 1 a.m. Spoke to homeowner, music stopped.

8/26: Third party reported alleged male/female harassment aboard 30-foot white cabin cruiser in Milton Harbor. Fled in direction of Mamaroneck. Coast Guard, Marine Units, MPD responded.

8/26: Male in early teens reported wandering near Rye Town Park restaurant. Wearing blue jeans, red shirt. Appeared disoriented.

8/25: Greenhaven resident stated she received bank letter stating her account may have been compromised.

8/25: Intoxicated male reported in CVS. Caller stated white male suspect put his hands on employee and that subject was leaving store, wearing black polo shirt and hat. Left scene on bicycle. Suspect notified that CVS management did not want him back on premise.

8/25: Assisted 26-foot motorboat run aground at Fairchild Rock, partially obstructing channel navigation. Engine lights and engine disabled. Towed to dock without incident.

8/24: Construction vehicles reported creating hazardous road condition, Hix/Oakland Beach avenues. Flag men not enough help.

8/24: Off the hook. Foot-long section of telephone pole removed, placed in City Dumpster, Marina. Attempts to have DPW remove object unsuccessful. DPW stated it was Con Ed responsibility.

8/24: Caller stated women in gray Chevy SUV hit his white Mercedes Benz on Purchase Street and refused to get out of her car to look at damage. Requested assistance. Information exchanged.

8/24: Larceny. Bike reported stolen, Station Plaza.