Police Blotter August 18

8/6: Get Shore-ty. Paddle boarder without life jacket. Voyage terminated. Advised to return to shore to get jacket.

8/9: Winging it. Rules of the Road, Bird Lane. Unlicensed driver, expired registration. Summonses issued.

8/9: Road blocked, BPR/Park Avenue, due to RGC swim meet. Advised RGC employees about parking on Park Avenue and not causing traffic issues.

8/9: MVA, property damage no injuries, involving parked vehicle/ConEd pole, Grace Church Street.

8/9: MVA, property damage, BPR/Park Avenue. One party claimed he did not hit caller’s vehicle; caller stated she was rear-ended. Very minor damage to caller’s vehicle, no damage to other vehicle. Information exchanged. Party accused of hitting caller’s vehicle given summons for unlicensed driving.

8/9: Registered nail. Caller reported she struck a car in front of the Post Office.

8/8: Coyote sighting in backyard, Roger Sherman Place.

8/8: Larceny. Stolen tailgate from vehicle, BPR.

8/7: Coyote reported running across yard, Milton School.

8/7: Baggadocio. CVS manager reported female had just taken items for store, placed them in her bag, and left. Cars 11 and 12 sent to store for statement.

8/6: Three loud “pops” reported by Hewlett Avenue resident who believed them to be fireworks coming from Milton School. Canvassed area, negative results.

8/6: Crew working with power tools, Central Avenue. Warning issued.

8/6: Coyote running through yards, Allendale Drive, 11 a.m.

8/6: Vessel boarding, Playland Cove. Warning issued for no sound-producing device.

8/6: Marine unit loaned life jacket to boarder without one, Port Chester Harbor.

8/6: Playland Cove launch operator hailed marine unit about blue jet ski racing in and out of cove. Left before arrival.

8/5: Complainant stated there was identity fraud on FedEx and Chase accounts.

8/5: Scotch Cops. Came across disable vessel out of AYC. Assisted back to mooring. Boarding report completed. Warning issued.

8/5: Fire. Caller reported lots of smoke coming from 2nd floor window, 151 Purchase Street. Assisted RFD.

8/5: Or, smashed door with hand? Report of problem at Marriott Courtyard. Someone apparently broke into a room or had a broken hand. Severe language barrier.

8/5: Large bird with fish hook and lead weight in chest reported, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue. Originally in roadway, now in brook by bridge. Cars 11,15 to check.

8/4: Excessive noise from multiple rock/stone cutters, Hughes Avenue. Warning issued.

8/4: Caller stated coyote ran through her Holly Lane yard toward CVS area. Did not appear to be sick or injured, 6:30 p.m.

8/4: County PD requested assistance removing persons from rocks in area of “Plunge” ride, Playland Cove. Summons issued.

8/4: Loud party reported at Rye Road residence. Parents not home, no underage drinking. Promised to quiet down.

8/4: Rye Town Park security reported larceny from patron’s vehicle. Complainant’s bag, contents taken from her vehicle. Bag “accidentally” removed by party. All items returned to owner.

8/4: Caller stated several teens were driving erratically in Brevoort Lane area in silver SUV, possibly throwing beer bottles at residence. GOA. Spoke with complainant. Party dispersed, guests were headed home.

8/4: Caller stated group of approximately 30 kids at Rye Rec Skate Park were throwing things at passing vehicles.

8/3: Suspicious vehicle. Caller reported light colored van, possibly beige, pulled up to her driveway. Male got out, checked car doors in her driveway, left the area. Franklin Avenue. Driver stopped, delivering clothes to residents. Warning issued.

8/3: RFD notified of gasoline odor in area of Slip #19, Marina Building. Found portable gas tank on vessel that was not properly vented and was expanding. Pressure released, condition corrected.

8/3: Caller stated she saw coyote in street and later in her Heritage Lane yard heading toward house on Martin Road, 7 p.m.

8/2: Assisted PEO with active scofflaw. Vehicle towed. Station plaza.

8/2: Barking. Caller captured at-large dog, placed it at residence where she believed animal lived. Complainant was loud, belligerent with officer. Told officer dog owner doesn’t care. She hit patrol car as it drove away.

8/2: Single coyote reported, Roger Sherman Place, 3 p.m.

8/1: Grace Church Street resident reported jewelry stolen.

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