Updated November 4

11/2: Walk-in complainant reported vehicle was key-scratched while parked on Purdy Avenue.




11/2: Walk-in complainant reported vehicle was key-scratched while parked on Purdy Avenue.



11/1: Sprinkler in use during water emergency, Overlook Place. Summons issued.



10/31:  Caller stated Palisade Road contractor was blocking road with vehicle, and sidewalk with worktable. Turned out to be moving company, asked them to move from sidewalk.



10/31: Unknown party broke rear window of Theodore Fremd business, stole hand tools.



10/31: Hook Road resident reported one of her Adirondack chairs stolen from yard, other suspicious incidents.



10/31: Claremont Avenue rock chipping contractor advised of City Code regarding start/stop times for chipping.



10/31:  Monkeying around. Male dressed in all black reported following kids around and scaring them, Roosevelt Avenue/Wainwright Street. Resident stated it was child in gorilla suit trying to scare other trick-or-treaters.



10/30: Goldwin Street caller stated his unoccupied vehicle was involved in overnight hit-and-run.



10/29: Assisted citizen, Forest Avenue. Party stated synagogue received hate mail.



10/29: Neighborhood trouble, Overhill Avenue, 9 p.m. Dispersed large group of youths. Spoke with homeowners. 



10/29:  Jay Walk. Youths entered John Jay estate after hours. Summons issued.



10/28: Theall Road caller stated she was missing jewelry.



10/27:  Party reported sleeping in hallway, top floor of Purdy Avenue building. Located outside Starbucks, advised to stay away from building.



10/26: Caller stated he found abandoned tote bag on S/B platform of train station. Described as LL Bean bag with “KKR” initials. MTA notified.



10/26:  Several leaf blowers in use in Brevoort Lane/Greenhaven Road area. Summons issued.



10/25: Cinco de payo. Scofflaw violation, Purchase Street, $500 owed. Vehicle towed.



10/24:  Rules of the Road. Warning issued, 45 mph/crossing yellow line, Midland Avenue. 



10/23: Leaf blowers, Central Avenue. Warning issued.



10/23:  Orchard Avenue resident upset with neighbors’ children playing on and around her property. Advised kids.



10/22: Caller reported man in silver Camry exited his car, retrieved bag from under I-287 underpass. Canvassed area, unfounded.



10/21: Suspicious male dressed all in black looking in vehicles on Grapal Street, called in by off-duty officer. Canvassed area, negative results.



10/21: Person sleeping in vehicle, Grapal Street. Homeowner’s son, parked in driveway.



10/20: Sprinklers on at Stuyvesant Avenue residence. Able to make contact with party who shut off system immediately. Warning issued.



10/20: Caller reported a tire fell off car, hit DPW truck, Hix/Oakland Beach Avenue.



10/20:  Male/female, Asian descent, reported selling product, possibly socks, out of back of blue van, Purdy Avenue. GOA.



10/19:  City Code water conservation violations: Allendale Drive, Hix Avenue, Purchase Street, Hook Road, Mead Place. Summonses issued.



10/19: Residents reported male driving silver Hyundai went into two vehicles, stole purses, 8:52 a.m. Canvassed Resurrection area, negative results.



10/19:  Detective reported third incident, resident’s purse stolen from her motor vehicle, Resurrection School, 9:21 a.m.



10/19:  Car reported falling off tow truck, blocking Hammond Road.



10/18: Resident reported returning home from month away to find license plate stolen. 



10/18: Gush they haven’t heard the news. Sprinklers in use, despite City’s emergency conservation effort. Summonses issued, pretty much all over town. 


10/18:  Staggered, more like. Walk-in reported someone using her credit card to charge $11,000 in purchases. 



10/17: Just the facts, please. Party reported homeless man in 2nd-floor Purdy Avenue building stairwell. Party gone, smell not.



10/17:  Caller reported copper taken from Maple Avenue property.



10/16: Sailboat reported on rocks at Scotch Caps. Upon arrival, found vessel had broken free from mooring, been recovered by AYC staff, no visible damage.



10/16:  Dock Holiday. Located 8’ x 8’ yellow fiber floating dock in Fairchild rock area. Towed to Marina, secured it to work dock. Boat Basin Supervisor notified.



10/15: Wainwright Street resident reported damage to rear door, possible attempted entry into residence. Detective dispatched.



10/15:  Her plate was Philled. Complainant stated metal plates for Milton Road work were very loud when driven over and were disturbing her sleep. Contacted Phil from Con Ed who stated he did not have emergency unit for weekend, but would have welder out Monday, if weather permitting, to secure loose metal plates. 


8/12: Your County taxes at work. Tree down in roadway, Old Post Road/Playland Access, 3 a.m.. Con Ed on scene, cut wires light pole was leaning on, DPW cut up, removed fallen tree. County PW refused to work on fallen pole. Desk officer left message with private contractor which had no emergency contact, not due in office until 8 a.m.



8/11: Glen Oaks Drive resident reported same vehicle occupied by male sitting at corner for several days. Pest control worker.



8/11: Resident reported strong odor of gas, Oakland Beach Avenue/Milton Road. Con Ed working on corner. Negative results.



8/11: Lightning reported striking telephone pole, BPR/OBA. Assisted RFD with traffic.



8/11: The old left turn from Elm trick? Purchase Street by HSBC bank, verbal warning issued on proper turning, Rules of the Road.



8/10: Party stated window of his car was broken overnight, Theodore Fremd Avenue.



8/10: Possible burglary, Osborn Road home. Owner returned home after being away. Appeared house, garage were used for parties in his absence.



8/10: Youths playing paintball, Marshlands Conservancy. Canvassed Marshlands/Jay, negative results.



8/10: Dog struck by vehicle, Graham Court/Locust Avenue.



8/9: Vehicle illegally parked after dark, Rye Town Dock. Made contact with vehicle owner, who was hanging out with boyfriend. Advised to leave area.



8/9: Early dismissal. Suspicious person/vehicle, Midland School/south field, 6 a.m. Subject asleep in vehicle, on way home to Conn. from NYC. Dispersed.



8/9: Leaf blowers, Purchase Street. Warning issued to landscapers.



8/9: OBA resident reported driveway blocked due to Con Ed construction vehicle. Supervisor advised.



8/8: Caller reported male subject walking naked down Park Avenue towards US-1. Unfounded.



8/8: City Code violation, Park Avenue, construction started 6:50 a.m. Caller stated she had experienced ongoing construction noise in violation of code.



Spoke to two workers parked nearby, advised about code and 7:30 a.m. start.



8/8: Dis-orienteering. BPR resident reported youth rang her doorbell, knocked, started to run away. When confronted, he appeared to be disoriented, said he was looking for his friends, last seen headed s/b towards Mamaroneck wearing white T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops.



8/8: Vehicles reported not moving for some time, Natoma Street/Wappanocca Avenue. Tires marked. Summonses issued.



8/8: Party reported his car was sideswiped overnight, vehicle fled Milton Road scene.



8/8: Summons issued, unlicensed driver. Tow interrupted, vehicle turned over to driver’s mother. Tow company paid.



8/8: Caller reported his Ridgeland Manor neighbor’s dog barking for over an hour. Summons issued.



8/7: Backpack, small purse found in Highland Road. Owner notified, was unaware of loss.



8/7: Mr. Un-floaty. Scotch Caps vessel boarding. Warning for not enough personal flotation devices.



8/7: Rollover extrication, assist County PD, EMS. RFD dispatched. BPR/Playland Parkway.



8/7: Vessel boarding, Buoy 40. Summons, towing underage skier, registration numbers not affixed.



8/7: Traffic problems, complaints over Playland, RTP over-capacity.



8/7: Milton Harbor dock broke loose, drifted behind Stuyvesant home. Unable to grab dock due to hazardous waters. Dock itself not hazard.



8/6: Need work on the swishes. Youths playing basketball, creating excessive noise, 1 a.m., Beverly/Parkway drives. Notified to keep noise down for night.



8/6: Road signs missing along Forest Avenue at Hook, Fieldstone roads.



8/6: Medium-sized coyote reported in Brevoort Lane front yard.



8/6: Young deer reported struck by vehicle, Greenwood Union Cemetery.



8/5: Male in real estate office making employees uncomfortable. Party left upon officer’s arrival.



8/5: Heavy set male with grey hair leaning on maroon vehicle near CVS yelling, talking to himself. GOA.



8/5: Large coyote sighted in Kirby Lane backyard, 1:30 p.m.



8/5: Caller reported large male with gray hair in need of help. Spoke with party. He was looking for bus. Purchase Street/Highland Road.



8/4: Unfreundlich. Male wearing orange shirt, walking German Shepherd off leash. Party allegedly has been asked by Lindbergh Avenue residents to leash dog and has become confrontational. Area canvassed, no visual.



8/4: Person reported fleeing CVS with shoplifted items. Negative results.



8/4: Minor miracle. Leaf blower summons issued, Apawamis Avenue.



8/3: Barking dog, Dearborn Avenue. Owners will bring dog inside.



8/2: Neighbor stated she saw coyote on Coolidge Avenue front lawn. Ran into wooded area, 8 a.m.



8/2: Caller reported two “junkies” who appeared to be high under Gagliardo Park picnic table awning. Parties checked out, charging phones, waiting for work pick up.



8/2: Large coyote chasing deer reported in Upper Dogwood Lane backyard, 1:14 p.m.



8/2: Escapee from St. Vincent’s Hospital reported. Last seen wearing flannel shirt, unknown color, white male.



8/2: Shenorock Shore Club complainant stated male was watching her shower at club under the shower door.



7/30: Baby deer reported sick by jungle gym, Rye Neck school. Fawn not injured, ran off into woods.



7/29: Party can’t find his car. Stated he parked it on Elm Place, got a haircut, and when he returned it was gone. Party contacted his father who was in possession of car.



7/29: Fisherman behind Water’s Edge pool with case of Corona in violation of City Code



7/22: Garbage, debris in roadway, Five Points. Moved.



7/21: Con Ed Gas needed assistance moving Purchase Street vehicle in their way. Situation corrected.



7/21: Party locked in RTP lot, 1:57 a.m. Corrected.



7/21: Coyote sited, Highland Road/Meadow Place, 8:17 a.m.



7/21: Beach parkers on Newberry Place, causing traffic issues with construction detour. Summonses issued.



7/21: Damage to Summit Avenue fence through criminal mischief. Photos, owner’s deposition.



7/21: Rear-end MVA, BPR/Purdy Avenue. Whiplash complaint.



7/21: No inspection, parking summons issued to vehicle in loading zone, RTP.



7/20: Freudian slip. Central Avenue/Theodore Fremd traffic light reported not working. Upon arrival, traffic light was working normally. Coin (sic) Ed working on power nearby.



7/20: Passerby reported strong burning smell coming from Purchase Street property, 9:32 a.m. Aurora restaurant’s wood burning stove was being started.



7/20: Barlow Lane resident reported someone peering into the windows of home and hour earlier.



7/20: Traffic light malfunction, all lights flashing red, BPR/Purchase Street. DPW responding.



7/20: Youths playing on motorized scooters without helmets, Barlow Lane/John Jay Place.



7/20: Loud too probably. Rock chipping without permit reported, North Street. No chipping observed, only backhoe moving rock with large sound.



7/20: Looking for a …tweetment? Bird reported stuck in Benefit shop, Purchase Street. Bird removed.



7/20: Vehicle illegally parked, blocking entrance driveway to Coldwell Banker. Summons, towed to allow vehicles to exit.



7/12: Possible water main break, Barlow Lane. Outside hose left on, problem corrected.


7/12: Caller reported two intoxicated females on Boardwalk near Children’s Museum. Spoke to both parties, neither intoxicated. Talking about personal matters. Everything okay.


7/12: À la court. Two prisoner meal pick-ups, Playland Market. Delivered to HQ.


7/12: Hit-and-run, Westbank Road. Vehicle struck female’s car and fled scene.


7/11: Resident reported large construction truck blocking her Franklin Avenue driveway. Condition corrected.


7/11: Dog complaint, Bulkley Manor. Dog in vehicle, unknown if windows were down. Spoke with owner, dog released.


7/11: Greenhaven Road caller stated lanterns taken from her front porch.


7/10: Caller stated unknown person looked in her window, Highland Hall.


7/10: Backseat drivers. Observed vehicle pulled over on side of roadway with lights on, driver-side window open, no driver seen, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen Avenues, 1:03 a.m. Upon inspection, two persons found in back – told to move on.


7/10: Caller stated intoxicated male may have stolen a female’s purse at Seaside Johnnie’s. Cars 15 and 16 sent.


7/9: Coyote seen running into woods towards Rye Neck schools, Hannan Place, 12:38 p.m.


7/9: Hen-picked. Search request for two overdue teenage paddle boarders, last seen in area of Hen Island. Notified by Mamaroneck that two subjects safely on land there.


7/9: Larceny from a store reported, Rhythm in Rye.


7/9: Parking summons issued Marine Unit Building, Milton Road.


7/9: Complainant stated someone broke a window in his car while parked on Milton Road.


7/9: Very loud party reported with DJ screaming over mike, Johnson Place. Birthday party, music lowered by request, party ending at 11 p.m.


7/9: Finding Minnow. Summons issued for undersize fish. No marine registration, Rye Town Dock.


7/9: Leaf blowers in use, Brevoort Lane. Landscaper advised, warning issued.


7/9: Three Messketeers. Caller reported three suspicious looking bags of trash on side of roadway, BPR/Playland Parkway. Trash bags were County’s.


7/8: Scofflaw violation, High Street/Maple Avenue. Vehicle towed.


7/8: Caller stated someone flattened two tires on passenger side of car, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Sworn statement made.


7/8: Wall-to-Wallet. Walk-in complainant stated $500 stolen from her Theodore Fremd residence while she was having carpet installed. Sworn statement.


7/7: Holly Lane caller reported his Maltese missing. He believed it was taken by another animal or person. Dog ran out of yard on its own. Canvassed area with negative results.


7/7: Large coyote sighted running across Rye Road by Greenhaven Road. Logged.


7/7: Criminal mischief. Fence knocked down, Midland Avenue. Owner pointed out sections of fence damaged while they were away on vacation. Believed damage was done by neighbor with whom they have ongoing dispute. No proof of accusation.


7/7: Grand scram. Road rage incident reported in which driver of white Kia brandished a baseball bat, threatened another driver, Theodore Fremd Avenue/Playland Parkway. Canvassed area, negative results.


7/7: Leaf blowers in progress, driveway at end of Indian Hill Road off Intervale. Summons.


7/7: Complainant wanted department to be aware of suspicious male seen at Osborn school, at approximately 4 p.m. Information forwarded to detectives. No statement.


7/6: Leaf blowers reported. Forest Avenue. Warning issued.


7/6: Scofflaw vehicle, Highland Road/Purchase Street. Towed by Hannigan’s.


7/5: LOL. Someone passed a counterfeit $100 bill to City Court to pay fine.


7/5: Large party reported with underage drinking, Milton Road/Stuyvesant Avenue.


7/5: Elderly party was being phone-scammed about IRS tax issue. She did not provide personal information.


7/5: Reckless driving. Thruway Authority reported erratic driver in dark colored Jeep, NY plates on I-95, exited onto Playland Parkway. Seen parked at residence, house dark.


7/5: Caller stated white sedan with Jersey plates driving back and forth on Central Avenue, acting suspiciously.


7/4: Several vehicles appeared locked in Rye Town Park lot. Front gate “dummy locked,” gate opened and cars left. 1:24 a.m.


7/4: Common occurrence. Vehicle went wrong way into car park #1 from Locust Avenue. Warning issued.


7/4: What else is new. Failure to stop at stop sign, Purchase Street/Elm Place. Warning.


7/4: Possible drug overdose reported, Harbor Lane. EMS dispatched.


7/4: Vessel boarding, Playland Cove 7. Summons issued, unregistered vehicle.


7/4: While on patrol Police Boat 2 witnessed canoe with 2 persons on board capsize. Assisted with righting, clearing, and re-boarding canoe without incident.


7/4: Make that a decaf. Property damage. Report of motor vehicle striking Elm Place building, no injuries. Complainant stated driver left vehicle, walked into Starbucks.


7/3: Noise complaint, midnight. Caller stated band was playing at Milton Road address. Officers spoke with homeowner who stated they were celebrating 50th birthday. Music level was high, they were ordered to turn it off.


7/3: Tender Mercxies. Overlook Place caller stated her yellow Lab named Mercx was missing. Dog located Forest and Glenwood, reunited with family.


7/3: Intoxicated party found passed out on sidewalk, Purchase Street/West Purdy Avenue. Uber called to drive male home.


7/3: Motorist reported her vehicle possibly damaged by roadway, Forest Avenue/Maple Drive.


7/3: Suspicious person reported at Blind Brook Lodge last night. Party was police officer attempting welfare check.


7/3: Vessel boarding after failure to yield right of way. Summons issued for no visual distress, no sound producing device.


7/2: Vessel boarding, Port Chester Harbor. Warning, insufficient PFD.


7/2: Knock it off. Norman Drive resident stated male was ringing her doorbell, and she was home alone, not expecting anyone. Party stated he was soliciting for non-profit, and City hall advised him permit was not needed. Tour supervisor reported that it was required. Party agreed to end for evening.


7/2: Thorne Place resident reported suspicious behavior by SUV and sedan. Just father teaching daughter how to parallel park.


7/1: Two people reported attempting to hitchhike, I-95/Midland Avenue.


7/1: Complainant stated someone stole his identity, removed funds from his Citibank account. Bank returned funds, wanted a police report.


7/1: Complainant stated credit card, removed from her wallet at YMCA, used in fraudulent transactions.


7/1: Female yelling profanity, acting irrationally at Longford’s, then outside Water Moon. Party entered silver sedan, no plate given, headed north on Purchase Street.


6/14: Oakland Beach Avenue resident woke up to find unknown female in her house, 6 a.m. Suspect described as disheveled blond, 5’4”, 125 lbs., wearing white sweatshirt. Caller said intruder told her someone tried to rape her then left house in unknown direction. Resident’s purse was searched, items missing. Detectives, tracking dog dispatched. Area canvass turned up negative results, spoke with numerous joggers, dog walkers. No one saw female fitting description.



6/21: Illegally parked vehicle, Dearborn Avenue. Cone from Con Ed construction zone detour route was moved to sidewalk where vehicle parked.



6/19: Caller stated loud noise coming from Reymont Avenue and that roadway was blocked. Barricades removed, area cleared.



6/19: Highly intoxicated male reported, Elm Place.



6/19: MVA reported. Truck trying to leave Laurel Street scene. Property damage, no injuries.



6/18: Loud noise reported, High Street. Homeowner advised party over for night.



6/18: Injured hawk reported on Osborn property. Flew away.



6/16: Resident would like officer to speak to 15 year-old daughter who left residence in middle of night without parents consent or knowledge.



6/20: Wainwright Street resident said she could not sleep due to neighbor’s kids being very loud after midnight.



6/20: Vehicle parked on public streets with expired inspection, Manursing/Davis avenues. Summons issued.



6/20: Male/female solicitors going door-to-door, York Avenue. Advised they needed a permit.



6/20: Male with dreadlocks, red sneakers reported soliciting, Wilson Drive. Caller concerned with recent burglaries.



6/15: Loud party reported, Shore Road/Brevoort Lane, 1:53 a.m. Spoke with homeowner who agreed to turn music off, bring everyone inside. Verbal warning issued.



6/15: Suspicious vehicle parked in WESTMED lot, one male possibly sleeping, 4:43 a.m. Party from Fairfield said he worked in clinic, but did not have identification verifying employment.



6/14: Close call. Vehicle with open door, no driver visible, Rockridge/Stonycrest roads. Checked area, saw no driver. Closed door.



6/14: Code Red. Woods Lane caller reported illegally parked red sedan in violation of four-hour sign. Officer on scene said he would check back in four hours.



6/14: Suspicious vehicle. Male in black sedan called out to 15 year-old female alarming her, Milton Road/Pine Lane. Detective to take statement.



6/14: Westchester C.C. caller stated they lost track of yellow kayak with two 15 year-old white males about 30 minutes prior to call. Both males had life jackets. Located by RPD Marine unit, WCPD Aviation.



6/14: If at first. Vehicle made unsafe pass of police unit in Station Plaza in 15 mph zone after given warning immediately prior for standing on wrong side of road for passenger pickup. Summons issued.



6/14: Homeowner’s daughter called, reported male selling solar panels to elderly Orchard Avenue resident with overly aggressive sales pitch.



6/14: Vehicle reported parked too close to intersection, blocking traffic, Pondview Road/Theodore Fremd Avenue. Summons issued.



6/13: Suspicious vehicle. Unoccupied four-door sedan parked across from Topsail Lane by tennis courts, no license plate. Carmel, NY registration listed as surrendered, plates destroyed.



6/12: Pain Quotidian. Disabled vehicle. Bread delivery van broke down in northbound lane of Midland Avenue with vehicle facing southbound. Tow cancelled, driver found screwdriver in vehicle, stuck it where gear stick was and able to operate once again.



6/12: Give us this day. Complainant stated white truck was parked in front of residence past few days. Contractor working on Sunday. Summons issued.



6/12: Guests reported stuck in Marriott elevator. RFD dispatched, successfully extricated parties.



6/12: Bennett Street homeowner called, babysitter alarmed that person was on property claiming to be Verizon worker when they had no scheduled appointment. GOA.



6/12: Criminal mischief. Nursery Lane, vandalism, damage to vehicle overnight.



6/12: Forgive us. New owner of Topsail Lane house reported previous owner’s child was having party at vacant house. Requested removal but did not want to press charges. Condition corrected.



6/12: Search and rescue. Six year-old with special needs reported in kayak being blown out into Sound with lifeguard holding on. Transported by RPD Marine unit to ambulance for hypothermia check. Released on scene.



6/11: Leaf blowers, Orchard Lane. New landscaper in town promised to comply. Warning issued.



6/11: Leaf blowers, Holly Lane residence. Summons issued.



6/11: Barfootin’. Larceny from motor vehicle. Theodore Fremd Avenue. Party stated white male wearing dark shorts, brown shirt with black backpack, entered his vehicle and fled on foot towards Theall Road leaving flip-flops behind.



6/11: Oakwood Avenue party stated someone was threatening him over phone from Yonkers. Phone scam. Report taken.



6/9: Leaf blowers reported, Grace Church Street. Shut down.



6/9: Cavalier behavior. Two parties in van having heated discussion about basketball championship, Grace Church Street. Warning issued.



6/9: Caller stated he struck child on bicycle in Car Park #1. Abrasions, complaining of pain.



6/9: No petting. Shore Road caller stated she was walking her dog, when approached by male, early 40s, appeared to be living out of truck parked invicinity. Party was parked in front of girlfriend’s house, picking her up. Acknowledged speaking to woman, asked if he could pet dog.



6/8: Bogey at 11 o’clock. Walk-in reported vehicle damage from stray Apawamis Club golf ball. Identified the golfer, filed sworn statement.



6/7: Subprime. Solicitor harassment. Female selling subscriptions without permit, White Birch Drive. Summons issued. 7:23 p.m.



6/7: Female magazine solicitor calling residents names, stating God would punish them, Milton Road. Warning issued to female cited earlier.



6/6: Lost white dog, “Ginger,” found by helpful resident near Theodore Fremd construction site, brought to HQ. Owner picked her up.


6/3: Stuyvesant Avenue caller reported loud, vibrating noise inside his house. RFD dispatched.


6/3: Early construction reported, FBI Building, Midland Avenue, 6:38 a.m. Observed location for several minutes, did not hear/see construction.


6/2: Corner of Rosemary & Vine. Rules of the Road verbal warnings issued. Two motorists advised to make proper stop.


6/2: Illegally parked construction vehicles, Cowles Avenue. Condition corrected.


6/2: Minor MVA in front of Fong’s Hand Laundry.


6/2: Grace Church Street complainant stated someone was fraudulently using her identity to acquire credit cards. Card company required report.


6/2: MVA with injures on I-95 northbound by Locust Avenue bridge.


6/2: Illegally parked vehicle, Kirby Lane. Summons issued.


6/2: Caller reported neighbors making too much noise while they tried to get children to sleep at Orchard Avenue location. Spoke with neighbors, condition corrected.


6/3: Walk-in stated he found marijuana in his Jeep that was stolen and returned after car thieves were arrested for possession of drugs. Turned out to be tobacco product, not marijuana.


6/1: Assisted vehicle in exiting locked parking area, RTP.


6/1: City Code violation, early construction prior to 7:30 a.m., Halstead Place. GOA.


6/1: Large coyote seen in Crescent Avenue backyard, 7:09 a.m.


6/1: Injured deer lying in roadway, Highland Road/Mohawk Street.


6/1: Caller reported member of cleaning crew stuck in elevator in Theodore Fremd Avenue building. Party freed by RFD.


5/31: Complainant stated he dropped his wallet and credit cards in money clip while pumping gas at Playland Market. Storeowners had video of woman possibly picking them up before entering store. Car 11 assigned.


5/31: Bench warrant. Caller reported a dog had been tied to a bench for 30 minutes. Notification made via dog tag. Officer advised someone would be en route to pick up dog. Party offered to stay with dog until that time.


5/31: Cyclist struck by truck, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue. Car 15, EMS, detectives sent. No description of vehicle that struck party.


5/31: Raccoon reported walking around area of Lindbergh Avenue/Byrd Street. Not acting rabid, just sitting up in a tree relaxing.


5/31: Criminal mischief. Complaint regarding someone ripping down flags that were placed in African-American cemetery between 5/27 and 5/28. No suspects.


5/31: Raccoon reported between Meadow Place resident’s house and detached garage, not letting her get to garbage. Raccoon appeared healthy. Was looking for food. Ran off.


5/31: Construction after hours warning, Manursing Avenue, 8:15 p.m. Workers warned of City Code, told to shut it down for night.


5/31: Glendale Road resident reported hearing what sounded to her like a gunshot blast.


5/31: Sunk. Three suspicious vehicles reported parked at Rye Town Dock. Parking violations issued. Vehicles towed.


5/30: Critical high water sensor at Stuyvesant Avenue pump station.


5/30: Significant water condition in roadways, Kirby Lane, Island Drive.


5/30: Officer reported flooding, Milton Road/Parsons Street.


5/30: Trees down in roadway, blocking southbound US-1 lane by Playland Parkway. Pulled to side of road.


5/30: Bird Sanctuary. Caller reported possible injured birds, Milton Road/Rye Beach Avenue. Nest placed back in tree, two injured birds returned to nest, one bird brought to rehabilitator.


5/30: Been watching the coyotes, deer, and raccoons. Snapping turtle removed from roadway, Garner Drive/Theodore Fremd Avenue.


5/30: Boats in slip 322/136 was taking on water due to heavy rainstorm. Portable pump used. Owner notified.


5/30: Clipboard was clincher. Suspicious person. Male, possibly teenager, with black backpack and white T-shirt, clipboard, going door-to-door, Locust/Theodore Fremd avenues.


5/30: Youths reported near Grainger Field salt shelter. Small group of eighth graders disbursed without incident.


5/30: No employee shuttle for those County millions? Youths reported yelling, screaming in Forest Avenue. Large group of Playland employees, advised again to keep noise down and to utilize sidewalks when walking to train station. Escorted towards train.


5/30: Located large group of youths in tennis court lot. Only talking, making plans, leaving for home shortly.


5/27: Dumpster bin dropped off, Intervale Place, 6:45 a.m. Noise complaint. GOA.


5/26: Coyote sighting, Crescent Avenue/Morehead Drive, 6:55 p.m.


5/26: Car Park #2. Parked vehicle running for several hours. Summons issued.


5/25: Large coyote observed running into wooded area behind Crescent Avenue.


5/25: Housekeeper found remains of animal in BPR driveway. Homeowner suspected it was due to coyote attack. Promised to email photo of remains.


5/25: Coyote sightings: Ridge/High streets, 1 p.m.; Crescent Avenue/Sonn Drive, 7:30 p.m.


5/25: Been watching the snapping turtles. Raccoon reported wandering in Bennett Place neighborhood, not acting sick, just out during day.


5/11: Love hurts. Keys and wallet stolen from unlocked pickup truck parked on Kirby Lane. Couple were watching sunset, when they returned to vehicle, items gone.


5/11: RTP security had issue with party refusing to listen regarding her lack of permit, refused to pay. Ranger allowed entrance for one day only.


5/11: Bridge not talking. Truck backing up on Locust Avenue creating traffic hazard, blocking roadway. Unknown if bridge was struck.


5/11: Infant inside car with windows rolled up for unknown amount of time, RTP. Transported to White Plains Hospital.


5/11: Vessel in Milton Harbor causing wake. Boarded, warning issued.


5/11: Usually treated as Pause sign, at best. No stop in front of TD Bank at Stop sign. Summons issued.


5/11: Loud party, Theodore Fremd, 8:30 p.m. Party shut off music for night.


5/11: Halsted Place complainant stated barking dog was disturbing his peace. Upon arrival no barking heard.


5/10: Suspicious person. Grace Church Street resident observed walking moped near Cottage Street. He ran out of gas coming from Conn. Escorted to residence.


5/10: Rye Beach Avenue, Illegally parked vehicle. Summons issued.


5/10: Leaf blowers in Rye Colony. Warning issued.


5/10: Unleashed dog outside designated area, RTP. Summons issued.


5/10: Leaf blowers, Barlow Lane. Summons issued.


5/10: Male youths occupying vehicle at snow dump. Possible illicit activities prior to encounter with Detective Division. Youths’ pedigree forwarded to Sergeant.


5/10: Bridge lesson. Tractor trailer failed to obey posted height restriction, Playland Parkway bridge. Summons issued.


5/10: Eight Rules of the Road summonses issued, various locations.


5/10: Well done. BBQ Grill in Oakland Beach Avenue backyard on fire, heavy smoke. Officer turned off all propane knobs.


5/10: Assisted other agencies at Orchard Avenue residence. Complaint of marijuana use, possible growing. Nothing noted in plain sight, nor any odors.


5/9: Unknown party reported knocking on Greenhaven resident’s window. Unfounded.


5/9: Warning issued for hitchhiking, BPR/Central Avenue. Party stated he would be walking, declined ride to train, bus stop.


5/9: Three men reported trying to remove Purchase Street manhole cover.


5/9: Hit and run MVA, Dearborn Avenue. Caller stated someone struck his vehicle, bystander got plate number.


5/8: Container violation, warning issued, Kelly’s Sea Level. Patrons outside with open beer bottles. Took them inside.


5/8: MVA, BPR/Purchase Street, property damage. Damage to flag pole, monument. Vehicle towed.


5/8: Party reported vehicles parked for weeks without moving, High Street/Maple Avenue. All have valid registration, did not appear abandoned.


5/8: Harassment, male confronting youths regarding reckless driving near AYC.


5/8: Tree down, Green Avenue. Mostly removed upon arrival, 6”-8” in diameter.


5/8: Two paddle boarders rescued, east of Parsonage Point.


5/8: Deer struck, alive in roadway, BPR/Hornidge Road. Vehicle left scene.


5/7: Unwanted guest, Midland Avenue residence. Individuals left scene.


5/7: Harassment, Morris Court. Party followed complainant home after confrontation regarding subject’s dog. No crime committed.


5/7: Leaf blowers, Grace Church Street. Summons issued.


5/7: License plate reader indicated vehicle did not have insurance, Orchard Avenue/Walnut Street. Parking ticket issued.


5/7: Good will parking. MVA, property damage, Purchase Street. White BMW sedan struck unoccupied vehicle causing minor damage. Driver requested assistance in reporting incident to owner of parked vehicle.


5/7: Possible homeless person in Post Office. Party on their way upon arrival.


5/7: Hunt Place resident reported possible chemical damage to his shrubbery since September.


5/7: Fairway Avenue homeowner stated his doorbell being rung and knocking at door, but cannot see anyone there. Spoke with group of young boys walking, no signs of any criminal mischief.


5/7: Sanford Street resident requested assistance shutting down party.


5/6: Soft touch. Early construction, Florence Avenue/Harding Drive. Contractor counseled on start times.


5/6: Suspicious parties reported walking in Grace Church Street. GOA. Two males walking on Midland Avenue in sweatshirts hoods drawn up almost shut.


5/5: Five Summonses issued to vehicles parked in snow dump without permits.


5/5: Assisted Con Ed with forced entry for gas emergency. Maple Avenue.


5/5: Trump, no trump? Tractor trailer stuck at bridge, Playland Parkway.


5/5: Party wished to document incident that occurred earlier in the day, Old Milton Road. Stated there was some flattened pachysandra and wanted a bolo on red sedan.


5/5: Complaint of dog running loose down Forest Avenue by Eve Lane. Dog/owner reunited.


5/5: Mill pond flooded across Kirby Lane, 10:30 p.m. Barricades requested to close roadway.


5/4: Know before you go. At approximately 4:30 pm the Rye Police arrested a 32 year-old suspect for Attempted Grand Larceny 2nd degree, a class D Felony.  It is alleged that the individual attempted to steal a 2016 Acura MDX in the vicinity of Purdy Ave. and McCullough Place. Suspect was caught fleeing the scene in the vicinity of Police Headquarters. Suspect was arraigned in Rye City Court, remanded to the Westchester County Jail on $25,000 bail.


5/4: Hush, Hush. Caller reported loud noise in backyard, requested exterior check, Charlotte Street. Negative results.


5/3: BPR resident reported issue with loose dogs on property.


5/3: They always blame the bridge. Tractor-trailer stuck under Purchase Street overpass.


5/3: Fordham Avenue caller stated City sewage backing up into her home. DPW responding.


5/3: Vehicle broke chain dividing Thorne Place and Crescent Avenue. Gray silver sedan with possible frontend damage.


5/3: Erratic driving reported, Helen/Hix avenues. Spoke with driver and parent. Said it won’t happen again.


5/2: ‘Nough said. Truck stuck under Locust Avenue bridge. Assisted MTA with road closure, removal of truck.


5/2: RHS reported youths in possession of marijuana, football field. Turned over to detective. 


5/2: Old story. Assisted tractor-trailer that had bridge problem, Playland Parkway.


5/1: Minor MVA reported, BPR, Overdale Road.


5/1: Caller stated another vehicle struck her car and left note attached. No damage.


5/1: Complainant stated cars parked on wrong side of street, Chestnut Street/Orchard Avenue. Summonses issued.


4/30: Unleashed dog outside designated RTP area. Owner socializing while dog ran after runners. Summons issued.


4/30: Con Ed closed off Norman/Rye roads due to gas leaks at two residences. Patrolman on scene, RFD secured properties.


4/30: Suspicious persons. Two males going door-to-door attempting to sell cookies. No permit to solicit. Parties identified, verbally warned.


4/30: Suspicious person. Male walking on Purchase Street ringing doorbells, asking off-the-wall questions. Bright yellow pants. Canvassed surrounding area. No parties found.


4/30: Noise complaint, Park Avenue, 9:22 p.m. Beeping from neighbor’s house was from rear unlocked sliding door. Interior check, unable to secure door upon leaving.


4/30: Rockridge Deli reported someone entered their property, 9:19 p.m. Was wearing hoodie, last seen heading north on Ridge Street.


4/30: Loud party. ABC violation issued to Theodore Fremd Avenue resident, released to family friend who was identified. All other parties picked up by parents.


4/29: Caller stated party at Wainwright Street location was having trouble standing, possibly due to prescription drug use.


4/29: Unleashed dog outside designated area, RTP. Summons issued.


4/29: Brook water turning bright green in construction zone, Elm Place/Theodore Fremd Avenue. Marine unit dispatched. DPW put dye packets in sewers.


4/29: SuperSwan & Friends? Suspicious parties with masks reported by Manursing Island creek. GOA.


4/29: MVA reported, Forest Avenue/Philips Lane. Chevy Cruze with broken windows. Parties will settle among themselves.


4/29: Safe in water, possibly proceeds of a crime, Manursing Way/Rensselaer Road. light colored safe with door unattached, lying five feet from safe in water three feet from shore. Detective notified.


4/29: Caller reported her employer in Milton Harbor House apartment locked her out, refused to return property and give her payment. Not a criminal issue. Party stated she left items inside due to not being able to tolerate verbal abuse and left, asked officer to get items for her. Officer witnessed occupant give bag of items and $400 to maintenance worker who gave them to complainant. Told any missing items, money was civil matter. Party stated she understood.


4/29: Detective reported youths on roof of recycling center. Released to parent.


4/29: Con Ed reported they will close Elm Place from near Purchase Street to Theodore Fremd Avenue for emergency dig.


4/28: Detective recovered Colt .38 special handgun from Wainwright Street residence.


4/28: Un-busy signal.. Vale Place resident stated Verizon van has been parked in front of his house for two hours, with driver inside just sitting doing no work. Car 11 sent to investigate. GOA.


4/28: Caller reported black Ford Explorer, NJ plates, driving erratically northbound on Midland Avenue. She felt driver was impaired. Car pulled over between Peck Avenue, Grace Church Street. Party admitted driving a bit erratically due to fact that her large dog was jumping around and needed to urinate. No odor of alcoholic beverage from driver’s breath or vehicle.


4/27: Loud music reported in High Street area, 12:45 a.m. Caller not sure where it was coming from. Loud enough to wake her. Condition corrected.


4/27: Summons issued, Nursery Field, unleashed dog.


4/27: Caller reported Theall Road valet crashed her car into a wall. Officer dispatched.


4/27: Possible drug overdose, Wainwright Street. Cars 11 and 12, EMS dispatched.


4/26: Con Edison worker at Hillside residence having an issue with resident not moving vehicle. Situation corrected.


4/26: Noah damage. Boat fell off jack stand while being worked on in marina parking lot. Assisted returning boat to upright position. No injuries.


4/26: Party reported numerous fraudulent charges on her credit card.


4/26: Higher authority. Caller stated unknown party hit her car left scene near Resurrection Church. Wanted a report for insurance.


4/26: Flipping the bird. Injured bird lying in Rye Rec field. Bird able to move itself. Officer led to parking area to await Humane Society arrival.


4/25: Bradford Avenue resident complained about construction started at 7 a.m. on BPR property. Advised homeowner and worker of City Code.


4/25: Summons issued, expired inspection, no seat belt, Forest/Rye Beach avenues.


4/25: Midland Avenue caller stated an unauthorized credit card account was opened under his name.


4/24: Driver not feeling well enough to operate vehicle, Fairlawn Street/Milton road. Courtesy transport to HQ, taxi called to take him home.


4/24: Milton Road resident requested police for mediation of verbal dispute.


4/24: Large group of teens reported disturbing neighborhood, Holly/Larkspur lanes. Did not observe underage drinking, nor any noise above reasonable level.


4/24: Caller reported youths breaking beer bottles in street, playing basketball, disturbing neighborhood, Mendota/Onondoga streets. Group dispersed.


4/23: What’s the frequency, Kenneth? Caller stated he witnessed “blinking box” on side of road by Rye Beach Circle and youths in area. Concerned box was suspicious.


4/23: Officer in pursuit of vehicle not stopping. Recovered possibly broken piece of construction equipment. Arrest made, DWI, failure to comply.


4/23: Vale-d threat? U.S. Post Office worker reported loose dog causing mayhem, Vale Place.


4/22: Two cars racing in Playland parking lot. Children in cars not secured with safety belts. Silver Mini Cooper, NY plate; gray Audi, CT plate.


4/18: Illegally parked vehicle, too near stop sign, Milton Road/Parsons Street. Summons issued.


4/18: Not so merrily down the stream. Vehicles on both sides of Milton Road in front of RowAmerica causing dangerous one-lane traffic condition. Spoke with director who stated he attempted sending numerous emails to parents regarding parking situation. Party was more than willing to assist police in finding solution.


4/18: Possible overdose reported.Victim unresponsive, Rescue CPR by officers successful. Detectives on scene. Victim transported to Greenwich Hospital.


4/18: Caller concerned about dog in nearby backyard without water. Dog observed with long lead and access to water and shelter. Son left dog out upon arriving home from school.


4/18: Solar, see you tomorrow. Report of male wearing blue uniform with cap knocking on doors in “aggressive” manner, last seen headed towards Fairlawn Court. Party from solar company had no permit, stated his company advised they had permit. Agreed to stop canvassing, check with City Hall in morning.


4/17: Silent treatment. Ralston Street caller stated neighbor was harassing her about her dog. Dog was inside upon arrival, did not hear dog bark on scene. Statement taken from complainant.


4/17: Grace Church Street caller stated someone had parked on his lawn. Party located, moved vehicle.


4/17: Hot Spot. Dog reported in hot black Ford in Car Park #3. Able to gain entry to vehicle, retrieve dog, and give it water. Vehicle owner returned in 20 minutes., said sunroof was open and dog was fine. Animal did not appear in distress upon owner’s return.


4/16: Central Avenue caller stated apartment neighbor was screaming, making noise waking her and her baby. Waited in hall five minutes. No noise.


4/16: Landscapers using equipment prior to 10 a.m. Advised them of City Code.


4/16: Douglas Court complainant said his credit card was stolen or lost and someone charged $7,200 in February. Credit card company required police report for reimbursement.


4/16: Possible underage drinking reported, Ridgewood Drive. Neighbor stated she saw several teens attempting to carry beer onto property currently under construction. Checked interior/exterior with negative results. One worker on scene stated he saw no youths in area.


4/15: Complaint of speeding at Milton School dismissal time. Warning issued for going wrong way down one-way street.


4/15: Assisted citizen, Ridge Street. Complainant went out for morning, when she returned a pile of various real estate company and no exit signs was dumped in her yard.


4/15: Suspicious vehicle parked at town dock, 11 p.m. Driver did not appear to be in good enough health to drive due to prescription drugs. Vehicle registration suspended for insurance lapse. Towed by Hannigan’s.


4/14: Disabled vehicle reported by Fireman’s Circle.


4/14: Staples Singers. Marriott Manager reported a loud party coming from Staples/Flea Market parking lot. Music stopped.


4/13: Assisted County Police with drug interaction, possible arrest, Station Plaza.


4/13: Hit and run reported in YMCA parking lot. Red Toyota left scene.


4/13: Caller reported driving her vehicle over fresh paint on Sonn Drive. White paint on passenger side. Party stated body shop estimated $2k damage. Advised her to check detailing before filing report.


4/12: S.O.S. Owner of vessel moored in Milton Harbor contacted regarding 1974 Cris Craft was in danger of sinking. Party understood he did not own mooring and was liable for environmental, property damage.


4/12: Caller stated he hit deer in westbound lane between Milton Road and US-1 underpass on Playland Parkway. Deer removed.


4/12: Pine Lane caller stated there was unwanted party at his house,  intoxicated and attempting to drive. Party called cab, escorted off property.


4/11: Caller said his son was bitten by dog in Midland School area. Requested report.


4/10: Assisted with dog bite incident, Playland Parkway.


4/10: Goose reported on the road, Playland Parkway/Access.


4/9: Impounded vehicle, Midland Avenue/Palisade Road. Suspended registration/parking violation.


4/9: Warning issued, construction prior to 10 a.m., Forest Avenue.


4/9: Caller stated two speeding vehicles, one blue, one silver, drag racing southbound on Forest Avenue. GOA.


4/9: Suspicious vehicle, Grace Church Street. Black van was parked in neighbor’s driveway, originally in hers. GOA.


4/8: Dog walker check, Nursery Field. Asked individual not to bring dog to field.


4/8: Unoccupied vehicle with suspended registration, Station Plaza. Impounded.


4/8: Heavy smoke reported, 219 Purchase. RFD extinguished smoking barbeque.


4/6: Summons issued, speeding Milton Road/Rye Beach Avenue.


4/4: Caller reported workers digging up Hayward Place roadway. Wanted confirmation they were Con Ed. Subcontractors pouring fresh asphalt.


4/4: Stopping for a stiff one. Cab driver stated male refused to pay fare. Left cab, got into Ford F150, parked at Five Points. Settled remaining balance on scene.


4/3: Assisted State Police with MVA victim, I-287/Midland Avenue, 5:25 a.m. EMS dispatched. Found pedestrian-victim at scene being attended to by RFD, said his name was “Joe,” gave no last name. Also did not say where he was coming from. A witness stated victim entered I-287 from nearby wooded area.


4/3: Onondaga Street caller reported wild animal in attic. Car 12 sent. Unable to locate animal, provided homeowner with number for trappers.


4/3: Disabled vehicle, Peck Avenue, in right turn lane for northbound BPR turn. Hannigan’s to tow.


4/3: Larchmont PD reported possible paddle boarder in distress near buoy 42, 7:23 p.m. Area checked via land with binoculars from Mamaroneck and Orienta yacht clubs, Larchmont break wall. No boarder located.


4/2: Suspicious Ford Caravan parked in RTP lot, 1:39 a.m. Checked out.


4/2: HSBC Master debit card found in Purchase Street ATM.


4/2: Brush-off. Sunset Lane caller reported painter, whom she had formerly employed, came by residence looking for money, acting in threatening manner, looking for money. Caller did not follow up at HQ with statement.


4/2: Youths observed running on Oakland Beach Avenue, partially obstructing traffic, 10:21 p.m. Parties stated they were on way to friend’s house. Identified and sent on their way.


4/2: Traffic stop, Midland/Peck avenues, marijuana odor detected. Arrest for possession of drugs, vehicle towed.


4/1: Nissan Crew Cab repossessed, Forest Avenue.


4/1: Caller reported large vehicle hauler idling for over an hour, Milton Road/Apawamis Avenue. Making local pickup of vehicle, promised to move in ten minutes. Observed truck on its way.


4/1: Caller reported two children left alone in black Honda minivan, Citibank lot. GOA.


4/1: Minor MVA reported by PEO, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue.


4/1: And it feels so good. Hyundai Sonata reported missing, Locust Avenue/Purchase Street. Located on Elm Place. Reunited with owner.


4/1: Two cutouts in road may be hazard, Colby Avenue/Morehead Drive. Cones placed in middle of cutouts.


4/1: Male in his 30s, approximately 5’8” wearing gray jacket with “Judo” written on it, reported walking in middle of Elm Place towards Theodore Fremd Avenue with fists in air shouting he “wanted to kill someone.”


3/31: Hall’s Lane caller stated suspicious bald male wearing blue shirt, white pants knocked on her door, seemed out of place. GOA.


3/31: Scarf reported stolen from Great Stuff, Purchase Street.


3/31: Cold shoulder. Complainant reported noisy truck generators across from his Cedar Place residence, 8:38 p.m. Air conditioning equipment on two parked refrigerator trucks were running intermittently in evening, night. He had attempted to rectify with property owner, no action taken. No noise violation detected upon arrival. Advised resident to contact owner again.


3/30: Complaint regarding parking summons issued, Apawamis/Cowles avenues, 9:51 a.m. Tires marked at 8 a.m.


3/30: Aggravated Harassment, Resurrection Church, 11:27 p.m. Referred to Detective Division.


3/30: Dearborn Avenue caller stated her back porch was on fire. Extinguished by garden hose prior to arrival.


3/30: Housekeeper smelled strong odor of gas, The Gables, Midland Avenue. RFD on scene, Con Ed notified.


3/30: Marco? Let it rest, amigo. Rules of the Road warning issued, I-95/Playland Parkway. Party appeared to be extremely fatigued. Stated he was driving from Florida in one shot, with 150 miles to destination. Offered escort to Marriott Courtyard so he could get some rest. Operator agreed.


3/29: Tree was leaning over Park Avenue, fell on utility pole. Con Ed, DPW notified.


3/29: Road sign down, Packard Court/Old Post Road. DPW notified by desk officer.


3/29: Illegally parked vehicle, Purchase/Smith streets, Summons issued.


3/27: Caller stated there was an unwanted party in their BPR home. Intruder arrested for burglary, nothing appeared to have been taken.


3/27: The Iranian Memorandum. Bowman Avenue Dam checked. Opened gate, sat in confines of fenced area for several minutes. Gate locked upon departure.


3/26: Parties pushing vehicle with heavy front-end damage, Forest Avenue/Horton Street.


3/26: Summons issued, unleashed dog outside designated area, RTP.


3/26: Complainant wanted to file statement regarding ticket he received.


3/26: At your service. Walk-in got off at wrong train stop, requested taxi to Larchmont. Taxi notified and responded.


3/25: Caller stated dark and foreign looking man taking pictures of  I-287 bridge by Midland Avenue. Party identified, stated he was taking photos of animal next to overpass. Animal present.


3/25: Parkway Drive complainant reported ring and run two nights in row. Saw four youths walking down Parkway Drive minutes before call, but not on scene when officer returned to area.


3/24: Multiple leaf blowers in use, Grace Church Street. Summons issued.


3/24: Caller reported two SUVs parked illegally on island across from his residence, North Street/ Old Post Road. Summonses issued.


3/24: Multiple leaf blowers reported, Forest Avenue. Spoke with landscaping company, informed them of City Code. Warning issued.


3/24: Soundview Avenue complainant stated she was bitten in face by neighbor’s dog causing her to need plastic surgery.


3/24: Taxi dispute, cab refused service to party. Driver stated party was not next in line. Party stated driver was rude and refused to take him. No crime committed.


3/24: Party stated she tripped in pothole in roadway while walking to her car, injuring her leg, Second Street/Station Plaza. Sworn statement and pictures of pothole taken.


3/23: CVS employee reported male wearing long dress jacket threatening employees. Party had verbal disagreement with head pharmacist and technician over price of prescription and how he was being treated. Spoke to all parties, who agreed it was settled.


3/23: Multiple leaf blowers, Barberry/Holly lanes. Summons issued.


3/22: Flush wound. Hughes Avenue caller stated toilet broke and water was flowing everywhere, needed assistance in shutting water off. Toilet repaired, no need for plumber.


3/22: People in gray Ford Explorer reported to be selling bogus goods from Florida vehicle, Purdy Avenue/BPR. GOA.


3/22: B-ware. Fraudulent gift certificates reported being used at B Spa & Salon.


3/22: Google playing games again. Caller reported she could not find her car. Officer located vehicle on Purchase Street for her.


3/20: Maple Avenue renter stated his friend was intoxicated, acting disorderly, and he could not get man to leave as requested.


3/20: Pit bull, indeed. Encountered female walking black pit bull off leash, Playland Parkway. Informed her of leash law and that she was in County park. Woman became very agitated and said, “Happy spring, good morning,” and walked away. Advised to put leash on dog, she finally did. No other enforcement taken so as to not escalate situation. Car recorder activated.


3/19: Woof whiff. Barking dog reported, Ralston Street, long-running dispute. Upon arrival at residence, observed dog outside, not barking. Approached house, spoke with resident who stated she was aware of complaints but always tried to be respectful of others. Stated she does not leave dog out for extended periods or at odd hours. Asked if she could think of anything else that might appease her neighbor, she stated she would put a bark collar on dog to ensure no future problem. At no point did dog bark in way that would warrant summons.


3/19: Locust Avenue resident requested extra patrol to deter loitering, littering.


3/18: Multiple leaf blowers in use, Rye/Sound roads. Warning issued.


3/18: Inspection of tennis parking area where homeowner has complained of drug activity, trespassing occurring at various hours, Grace Church Street.


3/18: Caller stated homeless man was under I-95/Midland Avenue overpass yelling obscenities at passersby. Unfounded.


3/14: Pursuit of white van owing to Be On The Lookout (BOLO) alert out of White Plains. Blocked US-1 near I-287 exit ramp. Vehicle was finally stopped in vicinity of I-95 northbound Exit 6, operator in custody.


3/14: Caller reported possible vehicle rollover, I-95 by Playland Parkway, exact location unknown. No victim found at scene, possibly fled. Cars 12 and 16 dospatched.


3/14: As Car #3 sped to welfare check on rollover victim whose vehicle was discovered on I-95 off-ramp, unit passed victim’s parents’ vehicle. During this stop it was discovered that their son was in vehicle and they proceeded to accident scene. NY State Police were notified and they were escorted to scene for further questioning by troopers. Victim was taken by EMS to Greenwich Hospital in NYSP custody.


3/14: Milton Road resident reported ripped screen. Before she replaced it she wanted officer to make sure there had been no attempt to break in.  Officer observed that damage was from huge fallen tree limb, no criminal matter.


3/13: Vehicle observed parked with lights on at far corner of RTP lot, 4:25 a.m. Male/female talking, no suspicious conditions observed inside vehicle.


3/13: Construction work on Sunday, Woods Lane. Crew was new to area, not aware of Sunday no-work rule.


3/13: Party stated someone was outside Resurrection Church, asking for money, had a sign. Party GOA.


3/13: Oils well that ends well. Caller reported someone in black vehicle was dumping oil into sewer drain on Orchard Drive, said driver was underneath vehicle, what looked like a Nissan. Car 17 on scene, did not observe any violations.


3/13: Driver alerted HQ that Purchase Street/Highland Road stoplight was not working. A dual green light facing E/B on Highland was malfunctioning. Put in red book for DPW.


3/13: Trumped-up charges? Two male parties reported fighting, Maple Avenue. Were having a political conversation. Female present being pushed. Brought to HQ, one party had open wound, EMS called.


3/12: Hix Avenue homeowner reported loud music possibly coming from block behind her house, /3:26 a.m. Area appeared quiet.


3/12: Bad hair day. Caller stated “out of place” balding white male in his 40s wearing jeans and T-shirt was loitering in Highland Hall parking lot. Party said he was waiting for his wife to get her hair done.


3/12: Caller stated Hispanic male wearing blue sweatshirt with red lettering and cap had been loitering on Roosevelt Avenue/Rosemere Street corner for a long while. Foreman at Rosemere work site confirmed party was on crew.


3/12: Colby Avenue resident advised that propane tank exploded with a fire. RFD on scene.


3/12: Thirteen Ways of Looking at Traffic Summonses/warnings, 10-midnight: Theall Road, Playland Parkway, BPR, Theodore Fremd, etc.


3/12: Caller reported what sounded like live band playing across from his house by marina on Milton Road, maybe coming from Watson Court, 10:44 p.m. Advised homeowners of noise ordinance, instructed to turn music off.


3/11: Possibly drunk male reported walking along LaSalle Avenue, described as wearing black track pants, blue and white windbreaker. Party was resident of area. Mother said everything seemed to be in order.


3/11: Multiple leaf blowers in use. Summons issued.


3/11: Caller stated she received call saying her father was being held for ransom. Father located.


3/11: Party wearing plaid shirt, jeans walking in middle of BPR, acting erratic. Observed on sidewalk by RHS stadium. Transported to Vincent’s Motel.


3/11: Rye Road homeowner stated she received knock on door. Two men outside in Con Ed uniforms with lights, another in regular clothing. When she asked for i.d. none was presented. Officer identified men as Con Ed workers, spoke to complainant to confirm


3/10: Truck reported on its side, Milton Road/Grace Church Street. Tractor hit tree, rounding circle.


3/10: Impounded vehicle, Fireman’s Circle. Unlicensed driver.


3/10: Illegally parked vehicle, Station Plaza, Washington Plates. Towed.


3/10: Tellers at village banks notified of BOLO regarding suspicious party.


3/9: Several complaints of individual feeding bacon to dogs, RTP.


3/9. Multiple leaf blowers, Rye Road/Woodland Drive. Summons issued.


3/9: Horton Hears a Crash. Complainant wished to report damage to her window through criminal mischief, Horton Street.


3/9: Multiple leaf blowers, Brevoort Lane/Greenhaven Road. Summons issued.


3/9: Caller reported someone using drone in RTP area. Park, beach checked, no sign of drone.


3/8: Suspicious males observed walking in High sSreet/Maple Avenue area, 2 a.m. Resident walking home with cousin.


3/8: By the book. Halstead Place construction prior to 7:30 a.m. Summons issued after prior warning, 7:25 a.m.


3/8: Hughes Avenue complainant stated trucks blocking roadway. DPW could not drive through to pick up trash. Road passable for emergency services.


3/8: Complainant reported party walking dog in Marshlands where no dogs are allowed. Dog removed.


3/8: Lamont? Caller reported suspicious party lurking in shadows on corner of Glendale Road/Locust Avenue. GOA.


3/7: Harrison PD reported a dispute at Theodore Fremd address. HPD had car towed, vehicle owner was in dispute with owner of towing company over whether vehicle had flat tire when towed. Civil matter.


3/7: You got nailed. MVA between mail truck and second vehicle, Dearborn/Forest avenues. Glass debris in roadway.


3/7: Release the hounds! Cope Circle homeowner stated fox was running around his backyard. Animal GOA.


3/6: Port Chester PD reported they were holding party wanted by RPD.


3/5: Officer responded to Port Chester request to assist in foot pursuit that originated at Loews’ cinemas. Suffered abrasion to palm of left hand from fall during pursuit and apprehension of suspect.


3/5: Pining for a ride. Caller stated someone who appeared to be intoxicated was ringing her doorbell, 5:30 a.m., Pine Lane. Transported to HQ for cab.


3/5: Roger Sherman Place caller stated her daughter was followed by older male Hispanic with white hair driving older red Subaru. Reported suspicious vehicle she saw two hours prior. Search of area, no results.


3/5: Complaint of illegal parking Locust Avenue/Mead Place.


3/5: Missing child. Three-year-old male with long red hair wearing blue, black shirt with star and “super” printed on it. Located on field behind RCDS Athletic Center, turned over to father.


3/5: Cottage Street resident stated he could see homeless person setting up encampment with fire from the rear of his house which backed up to I-287 ramp. Oregon party turned over to NYSP, transported to NYC with MTA assistance to make contact with homeless outreach.


3/5: House party with possible underage drinking reported, Midland Avenue.


3/4: Rye Middle School Assistant Principal reported possible assault. Names of all parties involved taken. Youth referral to be completed.


3/4: Sonn Drive caller reported her house had been egged twice, wanted to make report.


3/3: Scofflaw violation, Purchase Street. Vehicle towed.


3/3: Nature Center director requested assistance with unwelcome patron. Party was asked to leave in response to earlier incident. GOA.


3/3: Homeless person reported starting a fire, Midland Avenue. Checked Marriott, overflow lot by train station. Unfounded.


3/1: Dog barking constantly, Ralston Street. No dog owner found, out walking dog at time of officers’ arrival. Ongoing problem with neighbor.


2/29: Suspicious persons. One of four parties observed standing at corner while other three walked up Greyrock Road towards Grace Church in dark part of roadway, 2 a.m. Stated they were coming from friend’s house.


2/28: Loud party, 12:20 a.m., Hewlett Avenue. Advised to keep noise down.


2/28: Suspicious vehicle, RTP, 2 a.m. Party advised that park was closed. Moved along as requested.


2/28: Planted evidence. Party found shrub cut from lawn, placed on top of engine, under hood of his vehicle.


2/28: Raccoon was stuck in Grandview Avenue basement, after door was left open. Animal left on own but did not look well. Small children in area.


2/28: Rules of the Road arrest, unlicensed driver, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Towed by Vincent.


2/27: Twenty-eight Rules of the Road summonses/warnings issued, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Pretty much everywhere.


2/27: Illegally parked vehicles, Second Street. Summonses issued.


2/26: The law giveth. Assist citizen, Station Plaza. Observed vehicle with rear hatch open, no suspicious activity. Secured all doors.


2/26: …And the law taketh away. Unoccupied Blue BMW, car park #4, engine left running. Summons issued.


2/26: Unleashed dog, on RTP beach, outside designated area. Summons issued, 7:59 a.m.


2/26: Tractor-trailer unable to make it under Playland Parkway bridge.


2/26: Touchy. While on routine patrol, officer observed two males by Car Park #3 opening pay station. Officer engaged parties, one of whom identified himself, the other refused, stating officer had no reason to ask for his i.d. Officer stated that they had open pay station and he did not recognize them as City workers. Party said he had key and had worked in City for three years and never been stopped. Sergeant called to scene. Unidentified party handed officer his phone, with City Comptroller’s office on line affirming employment. Officer explained need for i.d. Party then identified himself.


2/26: Two Illegally parked vehicles, Purchase Street. Summonses issued.


2/26: Vehicle not in proper space, Second Street/Station Plaza, blocking railroad right of way. Summons issued.


2/26: Loose dog reported acting violent towards pedestrians, Grapal Street/ Palisade Road.


2/25: Large tree blocking road, Grandview Avenue/Julian Street. Private tree company on scene.


2/25: Possible transformer on fire, Davis Avenue. Con Ed notified.


2/25: Con Ed-iquette. Welfare check requested for Rockridge Road resident requiring life-sustaining equipment without power. Aid reported all okay, power back on.


2/25: Damage to Evergreen Avenue property from neighbor’s fallen tree.


2/25: Wires reported down: Mead Place, also Water’s Edge, Meadow Place, Ivy Street.


2/25: Possible attempted break-in reported, Planet Pizza.


2/25: Complainant wanted to point out graffiti in rear of Disbrow Park.


2/25: Caller stated that large limb from Captain’s Lane property, overhanging Brevoort Lane, was about to come down. DPW advised.


2/24: Re-leash the hounds! Dogs unleashed outside designated area, RTP. Summons issued.


2/24: Milton Road/Parsons Street area reported flooded. DPW dispatched to clear storm drain.


2/24: Complainant reported dog bite, Franklin Lane.


2/24: Apologies to Dorothy. Wires, and limbs, and branches! Oh my! Roads, and walkways, and Netflix blocked! Oh my!


2/24: State Police reported Palisade Road resident requested assistance, nature of problem unknown. No crime. Homeowner wanted son to leave; she didn’t like his attitude.


2/23: Orchard Avenue resident stated suspicious man alone in Jeep, possibly sleeping. Party lived on street, fell asleep warming up car.


2/22: Caller stated she saw elderly lady with a green coat, white hat standing in roadway near Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd Avenue.


2/22: Walk-in reported an unauthorized charge on her credit card.


2/22: Caller stated there was an injured deer on property, walking towards Theodore Fremd Avenue.. Canvassed area, negative results.


2/22: Caller stated there was a confused elderly man walking up Palisade Road, wearing brown cap, tan jacket, gray sweatpants. Escorted home.


2/22: MVA, 57 Purchase Street. Victim stated he was stopped at light when he was struck from behind. Party stated he was not cramping up, feeling pain. Other driver had left scene after information exchange, plate number missing.


2/22: Mama Mia. Caller reported suspicious black vehicle, idling with hazards flashing for extended period of time, Laurel Street. Motorist visiting his mom.


2/22: Suspicious party reported in Rye Colony laundry room. Escorted from premise, asked not to return.


2/21: Resident reported daughter did not return from date, 6:30 a.m. Last contact 1:30 a.m. Contacted Old Tappan PD where officer – brother of party on a date with complainant’s daughter – spoke to party who dropped her at her grandmother’s in New Rochelle. Female located at that residence by complainant.


2/21: Idle hands, devil’s workshop. Caller stated there were buses parked at Playland Lot #1 violating 3-minute idling law. Spoke with Metro Bus supervisor. Buses turned off, were just “warming up.”


2/21: Rye Road caller stated there had been a postal truck parked I.F.O. her house since 3 p.m. previous day. May create traffic hazard in conjunction with roadwork in are. Truck unlocked, empty. No luck making contact with someone at post office.


2/21: Assist RFD. Control reported strong odor of gas presence in sewer, requested assistance to possibly make entry into homes, Five Points/Grace Church Street. No forced entries made. Con Ed notified.


2/21: Property check. Inspection of construction site, former bank property, future FBI offices, Midland Avenue.


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