6/15: Bow-woe! Summit Avenue complainant stated two dogs in neighboring backyard had been barking nonstop for approximately two hours. Court summons issued.

6/16: City Code violation, early construction, 7:14 a.m., Hill Street. Warning issued.

6/16: Suspicious person. Chester Drive caller stated a male who appeared to be of Indian descent, standing in front of her property. GOA.

6/16: Leaf blowers in use, Dearborn Avenue. Summons issued.

6/15: Rye Town perk. Caller stated she was locked in Rye Town Park parking lot, 1:10 a.m., needed assistance. Sergeant in possession of key, opened gate to allow exit.

6/15: Criminal mischief done to hoses, multiple electrical cords unplugged from power source, Red Oak Drive.

6/15: Caller reported suspicious male entered Christ’s Church building, 60s, white shirt/black pants, sneakers, heading south on US-1.

6/15: Caller reported missing manhole cover, Maple Avenue/North Street. Situation corrected.

6/15: Bicycle taken from Eve Lane property.

6/15: Neighborhood trouble, Forest/Dearborn avenues. Large group of teens reported ringing doorbells, shouting profanities, 10:22 p.m.

6/15: Loud party reported, Harding Drive/LaSalle Avenue, 11 p.m. Homeowner advised to bring party indoors, music shut down.

6/14: Caller reported her friend had left Coveleigh Club at approximately 1 p.m. Stated she would be at Y gym until closing. None of her friends had heard from her by 12:30 a.m. and were concerned. Party returned home at 1:30 a.m. without incident.

6/14: Neutral zone. Vessel in distress. Assistance requested in area of buoy 36. Owner stated forward gear not working. Vessel towed.

6/14: Young girl reported hiding behind tree because she was being chased by white/beige van with blonde-haired man in it.

6/14: Dragnet. Youths moving basketball hoop into Beverly Drive creating hazard. Base extremely heavy, unable to move alone. DPW notified.

6/13: Neighborhood trouble. Intoxicated party reported near Rye Town Park.

6/13: Walk-in reported identity theft.

6/13: Offensive foul. Caller reported hitting basketball hoop with his vehicle, Newberry Place/Oakland Beach Avenue.

6/13: Suspicious person, Clinton Avenue. Male reported exposing himself. Spoke with subject who stated he was just changing his shirt. Complainant confirmed story.

6/12: Large coyote running in roadway, 7 a.m., Chester Drive/Douglas Circle.

6/12: Caller reported large turtle he felt would be a danger to pedestrians, Highland Road/Mendota Avenue.

6/12: Marriott Courtyard guest complaining about terrorist activity, also called 911 twice with no emergency. Detectives on scene.

6/12: Disorderly conduct. Caller requested police take ride through Rye Town Park due to dispute. Parties separated and on their way.

6/12: Beach bummer. Caller stated several vehicles parked illegally, Rye Beach Avenue. Summonses issued.

6/12: Cars reported parked on Redfield Avenue in violation of beach parking rules. Summonses issued.

6/12: On hold. Caller stated his mother-in-law’s phone was off hook for several hours. Requested welfare check. Party stated she would call him back when she found her phone. Declined help in finding same.

6/11: Caller stated male wearing red T-shirt, around 45 years-old was committing a lewd act in gazebo by library. She further stated she had pictures of act. Did not observe party making any kind of lewd gestures or motions. Stated he just had an itch. Picture showed nothing more than what officer observed. Caller unwilling to make sworn statement.

6/11: Multiple cars parked in violation of beach ordinance, Dearborn Avenue/Newberry Place.

6/11: Time for name change? Marine unit responded to report of yellow vessel named “No Surrender” speeding in the harbor. Boarding conducted, warning issued.

6/11: Norman Drive caller returned home, finding rear door wide open. Stated she may have had a burglary. Caller left home in a rush, could not remember if she had closed/locked door. No marks or apparent tampering, no sign of ransacking. Advised incident showed no signs of burglary.

6/10: White Birch Drive complainant stated his neighbor’s dog constantly defecates in his yard, runs around unleashed scaring young kids in neighborhood. Informed owner of the City Code.

6/10: Complainant stated party in his 60s wearing baseball cap, blue jeans, blue jacket with cane and bottle making obscene gestures/comments, Milton Road/Oakland Beach Avenue. Spoke with party. Advised him he fit description of man making rude comments to ladies going by. New Rochelle man stated he only gave directions to one lady, and he was going to Playland.

6/10: Party reported mother with young child intoxicated at Rye Town Park bar intended on driving home. All parties GOA.

6/10: Grab-n-go. Caller reported larceny from CVS. Party just walked into store, grabbed bunch of items off shelf, fled scene in white Nissan.

6/10: Noise complaint. Caller stated youths drinking, Frederick Court. Canvassed area, negative results.

6/9: Manursing Way caller stated there was construction noise prior to 7:30 a.m. Transport vehicle loading backhoe, completed upon officer’s arrival, 6:37 a.m.

6/9: Report of sick, skinny raccoon coming out of lot by Hewlett Avenue/Milton Road. Did not appear sick. Ran back into woods.

6/9: Shady character. Party reported his Ray-Ban sunglasses were stolen from him at Mobil gas station while he was paying. Video shows other party placing his sunglasses in his pocket.

6/9: Grace Church Street caller stated unknown male on her property. Complainant reported male with buzz cut had possibly followed his daughter, wife home after they were out walking dogs. Male later observed at residence, resembled male they passed while walking dogs.

6/8: Male reported sleeping in Citibank lobby. Party left premise without incident.

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