5/31: Three-point explanation. Complainant stated someone was playing basketball on Rye Rec court, Midland Avenue, 12:25 a.m. Informed party Rye Rec hours were until dusk (when the sun goes down). He then left the premise.

6/6: Caller stated he saw a coyote crossing Playland Parkway, then saw several heading into the woods between Milton Road and Midland Avenue.

6/5: Sensible solution. Chairs in roadway, Purchase Street/Wappanocca Avenue. Moved out of roadway.

6/5: Tree company truck blocking roadway, Sand Street/Milton Road. Warning issued, truck moved immediately.

6/5: Port tacky. Failure to signal left turn, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues. Summons issued.

6/5: Party stated there was older man in suspicious Lincoln, stopped by side of road near Midland Avenue/Sylvan Place. Male with family returning from Playland, stopped by side of road. No violations.

6/5: Purse reported stolen from Fernwood Avenue home. Purse found inside locked garage.

6/4: Female, possibly intoxicated, reported leaning against Patisserie Salzburg wall. Officer spoke with woman who stated she was waiting for her Uber and was okay. Had her sit on ledge. She played on her phone until picked up.

6/4: One ringy-dingy. Caller stated he lost his dingy. White, 8-foot Walker Bay. Caller advised that New Rochelle Marine Unit reported it recovered previous day.

6/4: Anonymous caller reported man sleeping in September 11 Memorial Gazebo. Party identified himself and went on his way.

6/3: Group of five youths on bikes, dressed in black with backpacks reported acting suspiciously in area of Barlow Lane/BPR, 12:15 a.m. Parties checked out.

6/3: Long walk home, Gomer. Walk-in produced suspended NY license after stating he drove his friend to HQ to pick up his car.

6/3: Neighborhood trouble. Kids playing in roadway, Davis/Manursing avenues. Ongoing problem. Spoke with children, who said they would move into driveway.

6/3: Trunk call. Caller stated he saw black Lincoln stop at light, Purchase Street/Theodore Fremd Avenue intersection. Car was full of girls. Stated she saw trunk bounce and was afraid there was a person inside. Canvassed area, negative results.

6/3: Performance art. General alarm activation, Osborn School, 10:15 p.m. Key holder on scene, exterior secure. Determined a piece of art fell off wall.

6/3: Caller stated a loud party near Hunter/Sunset lanes was keeping her children awake; second caller stated there was loud music disturbing her peace near Stuyvesant Avenue. Both parties shutting down upon arrival.

6/2: Your geese is as good as…Complaint of possible hunters in water, caller not sure where sound was coming from. Spoke with party in Greenhaven Beach area, stated shots probably coming from AYC across harbor, usually four-five shots to scare geese away.

6/1: Snooze alarm. City Code violation, Noise ordinance. Landscaping company using loud mower on Theodore Fremd property, 6:51 a.m. Advised to stop work until 7:30 a.m.

6/1: FedEx driver reported being bitten by dog, Fenton Street. Statement obtained, unable to contact dog owner.

5/30: Coyote reported running across street, Blind Brook Lane/Wappanocca Avenue, 7:57 a.m.

5/30: Suspicious persons. Caller stated three males wearing black pants/shirts/backpacks were walking through Station Plaza near Rye Grill & Bar, trying vehicle door handles. Information taken on all parties checked out.

5/31: Leaf blowers in use, Overdale Avenue. Summons issued.

5/30: “To sleep, perchance to dream.” Milton Road resident reported suspicious vehicle outside his house. Stratford, Connecticut driver fell asleep after getting lost.

5/29: Motorist stated group of youths wearing Playland uniforms were walking in middle of road near Fireman’s Monument. Refused to walk on sidewalk. Area checked, no pedestrians in roadway.

5/28: Will driverless cabs just hit “Eject”? Uber driver requested assistance waking passenger at HQ. Party awakened, returned home.

5/28: Rotten apple. Vehicle reported parked in dangerous spot, Orchard Lane. Summons issued.

5/28: Marine unit stopped RowAmerica shell that did not have chase boat in harbor. Crew made to terminate voyage.

5/28: Young caller reported older heavyset male stopped his silver Toyota in BPR/Osborn Road area, asked if he needed ride as he opened car door. Vehicle GOA.

5/27: Dog off leash, Rye Town Park. Summons issued.

5/26: Dock, dock loose? Abandoned duck blind found tied to dock in Milton Harbor, 12:15 p.m.. Mamaroneck owner said he would remove by end of day.

5/26: Slashed tires reported, Dearborn Avenue. Appeared as though vehicle had run over nail or screw.

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