4/20: Wheely lucky. Youths reported inside closed skate park, RAC, 4:30 p.m. Kids were 8 and 11. Spoke to them about following rules in the park. Stated they would in future.

5/1: Mayday! Leaf blower in use, Grace Church Street. Summons issued, ban began May 1.

5/1: Scofflaw, abandoned moped with several summonses on it over two-week period. . Towed by Vincent’s.

5/1: Leaf blowers, Guelisten Place. Warning issued.

5/1: Get in line. Complainant called regarding parking spaces being reserved for construction vehicles, dumpster, Elm Place/Purchase Street.

5/1: Suspicious vehicle, Griffon Place/Oakland Beach Avenue. Male/female going through people’s garbage, reportedly using maroon 4-door sedan. Were picking up recycling.

5/1: Ouch, last day of enforcement. Sprinkler system in use, Florence Avenue. Summons issued.

5/1: Gas line cut by Con Ed work crew. Area shut down. North Street/Hammond Road area evacuated. Assisted Con Ed with pedestrian traffic.

5/1: Third party caller reported Citibank cleaning crew afraid to leave bank due to unknown party lingering in ATM vestibule. Party removed.

4/30: Caller stated young woman with blonde hair, wearing all black wandering along near Glendale Road/Locust Avenue. GOA.

4/30: Man passed out on sidewalk near Al Dente restaurant, Elm Place. Semi-conscious male, aken to Greenwich Hospital.

4/30: Construction reported on Sunday, Apawamis Avenue. Noise was coming from crew power-washing deck. No City Code prohibits that.

4/30: Re-leash the hound. Dog complaint. Coonhound chasing battery- operated cars, Maple Avenue. Resident advised of neighbor complaint. Promised to shut down cars.

4/30: Creative approach. Neighbor dispute, Hillcrest Lane. Parties decided they were not going to interact with each other again.

4/30: Dogs reported barking all day, Brevoort Lane. Spoke with homeowner, who put dogs inside.

4/29: Gray Suburban reported missing from Stuyvesant Avenue home. In possession of family member.

4/29: From Anonymous Tip Line: 1) Party was driving to home on Barberry Lane when kids threw a beer can at vehicle. Appeared to be loud party on street, 10:43 p.m.; 2) Barberry Lane resident trying to put children to sleep. Huge noise disturbance coming from a few houses down, 11:06 p.m.

4/28: Grace Church Street caller reported person in front of his house possibly intoxicated. Subject was standing outside waiting for a taxi. Situation corrected.

4/27: Sick raccoon stumbling around Grace Church Street driveway. Raccoon disposed, homeowner to handle the rest.

4/27: PossiblY sick raccoon, Gramercy Court. Baby hiding in bushes, did not appear to be sick. No apparent risk.

4/27: Smell of gas, Hughes Avenue. Gas shut off, turned over to Con Ed.

4/27: Loud group of youths reported in area of Lindbergh Avenue.

4/26: Rolls of the Road. Operator failed to come to complete stop, rolled through slightly after vehicle in front, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue. Warning issued.

4/26: Hit-and-none. Party reported MVA, Car park #4. Believed car was scratched in hit-and-run, but was just dirt on vehicle.

4/25: Complaint regarding speeding on Stuyvesant Avenue. No violations observed.

4/25: Mind the gap. Caller stated metal plate on North Street was sticking up from ground and might cause vehicle damage. Four-inch gap between metal plate and road surface. Desk notified to contact DPW or company in charge. Cone placed at hazard.

4/25: Hit-and-run reported, Purdy Avenue/First Street. Vehicle last seen headed on First towards Station Plaza.

4/23: Suspicious vehicle, Cedar/Purchase streets, 2:59 a.m. Vehicle running with lights on, seat laid back. Upon approach, driver was sleeping in vehicle. Stated he had been drinking.

4/23: And then there were none. Multiple leaf blowers reported, Holly Lane.

4/23: Complaint of dog barking all day, Locust/Maple avenues.

4/23: Suspicious persons, Bradford Avenue bridge, 5:30 p.m. Caller stated two men wearing dark jackets, possibly carrying bow and arrow passed through her backyard, proceeded to footbridge. GOA.

4/23: Larceny. Vehicle in YMCA parking lot broken into and items removed, 4:25 p.m.

4/22: Suspicious white van reported in front of Kirby Lane residence. Expired inspection. Summons issued.

4/22: Marriott staff requested assistance with adult party in lobby not controlling their children after being advised. Situation resolved.

4/21: North Street party stated he and his employee had verbal dispute, requested police assistance.

4/21: Dog complaint. Brookdale Place caller stated her husband was bitten by dog. Dog owner was in big black truck, wearing black pants.

4/20: Caller stated unknown woman in black Toyota had been parked on Rye Road for a while. Party checked out. Neighbor’s employee, pulled over while on phone, waiting to go to work.

4/20: Vehicle window broken, possible airbag theft, Depot Plaza.

4/19: Reoccurring violation of leaf blower code, Manursing Avenue. Warning issued.

4/19: Gray Acura reported driving wrong way on Playland Parkway towards the park. GOA.

4/18: Scofflaw, Highland Road/Wappanocca Avenue. Summons issued, vehicle towed.

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