2/26: Comey on in. Gate observed open at FBI offices, 1:42 a.m. Area appeared quiet, normal.

2/27: Davis Avenue caller stated construction crew started work prior to 7:30 a.m. Workers advised of start time, given verbal warning, subject to summons if noise complaints are received.

2/27: Snow ordinance violations, Overlook Place, Everett Street, Manursing/Elmwood/Davis avenues. Summonses issued.

2/27: Passat due. Assist repo guy to remove VW Passat from private Dearborn Avenue property.

2/26: Vehicle with two flat left tires blocking southbound lane US-1/Hillside Road. AAA loaded SUV onto flatbed.

2/26: Four snow ordinance violations, Sanford/Wainwright/Horton streets, Intervale Place.

2/26: Caller stated unknown youth was at his back door attempting to sell candy. Was concerned it was a scam. Caller followed youth to an adult male wearing red jacket at BPR/Overdale Road. Spoke to youth, party checked out with valid City permit to sell candy.

2/26: Cedar Place complainant stated vehicle parked in front of her home for two weeks without moving. Vehicle parked legally with Midland Avenue address.

2/26: Suspicious person reported, Lynden Street. Approximately 18 years-old going door-to-door. GOA.

2/25: MINI Cooper Clubman repossessed from Central Avenue parking lot.

2/25: Dog reported struggling in water off Playland Pier. Owner on scene, officer dispatched. Dog safely out of water.

2/25: Caller stated vehicle was “lurking” in Greenhaven/Rye roads area. She did not recognize vehicle as being from neighborhood.

2/25: Pull-ease! Caller stated there was a persistent “popping” noise outside her Greenhaven residence and she could not pinpoint origin. Said it was unbearable. Same complaint previous weekend. Confirmed skeet shooting was taking place at American Yacht Club.

2/25: CVS manager stated party was soliciting in front of store, was asked to leave, kept returning. Officer dispatched, manager asked solicitor to leave. Vehicle picked up solicitor.

2/25: Doggone. Walk-in stated she was bitten by dog while on run in Forest/Hewlett avenues area. Took herself to urgent care via personal car, treated for puncture wounds to left upper leg, given antibiotics. No major lacerations, injuries. Sworn statement taken, unable to provide dog/owner information. Victim will try to identify dog/owner on future runs.

2/25: Caller stated two kids going door-to-door selling candy, Sonn Drive/Franklin Avenue. Canvassed Rye Garden area, no results.

2/24: Loose dogs possibly running into Elmwood area. Owner notified.

2/24: MVA with no injuries, City Hall parking lot. Vincent’s towing.

2/23: Prowler. Ridgewood Drive complainant stated someone was banging on his back door. Checked area, no results.

2/23: Bicycle reported left on Purchase Street property for extended period of time.

2/23: Walk-in reported missing license plates from two Con Ed vehicles.

2/23: Caller reported several illegally parked vehicles, Cornell Place/Forest Avenue. Summonses issued.

2/22: Pitiful. Third party caller stated she heard from worker who was trapped inside vehicle by loose pit bull, Hook Road. Spoke with worker. Situation resolved.

2/22: Caller stated workers had fire in barrel, Overlook Place. Fire extinguished.

2/22: Deer struck by vehicle, Playland Parkway ramp/BPR. No injuries, minor damage. Deer left scene.

2/22: Strange “screaming” noise reported coming from wooded area near Hannan Place. Appeared all quiet.

2/20: Construction on President’s Day, Halsted Place and Bennett Street. Warnings issued. Workers advised of City Code.

2/20: Rabid raccoon reported, Peter Jay Lane. Dispatched. Firearm discharge report prepared.

2/20: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Construction on holiday and repeated double-parking problem, Overlook Place. Warning issued. Carpenters on scene advised of City Code. Complied, wrapped up for day. Also, active construction, Newberry Place, Bulkley Manor, Forest Avenue. Shut down.

2/20: D-I-T-T-O. Youths in small sedan reported ringing doorbells, yelling obscenities to Hewlett Avenue homeowner. GOA.

2/19: Wards Park West caller stated her basement was filling up with water. FD/DPW notified.

2/18: When it rains…Radcliffe Avenue caller stated he returned home to find pipe burst and four feet of water in basement. City Building Inspector notified.

2/18: Kids throwing items at passing cars, ran up Orchard Avenue driveway. Spoke with kids. They were sorry.

2/18: Larceny, Purchase Street consignment shop. Items taken observed on film.

2/18: Blockheads. Motorist complained of two cars parked in the entrance to Car Park #1. Summonses issued.

2/17: Officer requested to respond to RHS Principal’s office for assault in the past.

2/17: Parking Enforcement Officer reported four illegally parked vehicles. Summonses issued.

2/17: Club Road caller requested assistance locating missing dog. Found in another room in house.

2/16: Illegally parked trucks reported blocking medical building driveway, Blind Brook Lane. Recurring problem. Truck driver stated he will not block again.

2/16: Unknown party attempted to make Unauthorized charges made to account. Synagogue, Forest Avenue.

2/16: Party stated landlord tried to gain entry into her Purchase Street apartment without her permission and without emergency situation.

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