12/16: Heavy meddle. Loud music reported coming from Stuyvesant Avenue residence, 10:45 p.m. Second call stated music went back on as soon as units left. Summons issued.

12/19: Suspicious vehicle, 2:26 a.m., Brown Avenue/Orchard Lane. Parked, occupied vehicle observed. Made contact with operator. Limo looking for area residence.

12/18: Rules of the Road, BPR/Hillside Road. Vehicle did not display license plate, but was registered to operator. Warning issued.

12/18: Hit and Run. Caller stated her red Kia Sportage was struck in employee parking lot, BPR/Library Lane, 11:30 a.m.

12/18: Suspicious vehicle, Griffon Place, 1:41 p.m. Caller stated occupied black van with yellow and white stripes had been parked in area, did not recognize vehicle as being from neighborhood. Appliance serviceman working in area.

12/17: Test result: Not proficient. Suspicious vehicle, Osborn School, 1:27 a.m. Driver stated he dropped his wallet while driving and could not find it.

12/17: Criminal mischief. Caller reported suspicious gray sedan occupied by male, female in Hillside Place area. Parties were seen on property, 10:45 a.m. Statement taken.

12/17: Illegally parked vehicles, snow ordinance violations: Central/Summit avenues, Fieldstone/Stonycrest roads, George Langeloh Court/Forest Avenue. Summonses issued.

12/16: Rock chipping on Saturday, Hammond Road/Theodore Fremd Avenue. Rock hammer taken offline. Other work will continue.

12/16: Worst Western. Female victim sent $749 Western Union-gram to unknown party claiming to be her mortgage company, CVS Store.

12/16: Vehicle ran off roadway by entrance to Marshlands, slipped into ditch.

12/16: Vehicle illegally parked in handicap spot, Grandview Avenue. Summons issued.

12/15: County PD advised that verbal altercation was taking place at Playland Parkway over hit-and-run on I-95 involving silver Subaru with CT plates. State Police en route.

12/15: Sub Prime. Larceny, packages delivered to Maple Avenue residence were taken.

12/15: Caller reported rear-end collision, Palisade/Milton roads.

12/15: Neighborhood trouble. Playland Park worker stated group of youths were being disruptive while playing in the parking lot. Summons issued.

12/15: Party stated suspicious SUV was parked outside gates of Rockridge Deli. Spoke with operator who said he pulled over to use phone.

12/14: Construction prior to 7:30 a.m., Old Post Road. Warning issued.

12/14: Car struck a dog, Milton Road, 3:27 p.m.

12/14: Dog attack reported, Playland Park. Parties waiting for County PD, asked for officer to stand by until arrival.

12/14: Caller stated operator of gray Chevy Trailblazer was drinking alcohol in his vehicle, 7:16 p.m., Purchase Street.

12/13: Party stated they heard someone trying to get into their John Jay Place house at 3:30 a.m. Checked interior, exterior, no one located.

12/13: Johnson Place property owner called for check on unlocked back gate which was normally closed, also due to activity on Johnson Place. Car 26 dispatched, unit 3 to remain on post at Rye Golf Club.

12/13: Caller stated she had heard barking dog left out in the cold all day, Lavender Lane/Midland Avenue.

12/12: Suspicious vehicle. Officer reported vehicle with its doors open behind CVS with two suspicious parties going through what appeared to be cardboard behind building. Party worked for CVS and was trying to kick-start moving truck. Identified.

12/12: Giants fan, most likely. Suspicious vehicle, RHS football field, 1:12 a.m. Party stated he was tired and needed to take nap. Advised to find another location.

12/12: Gazillion snow ordinance summonses, all over town.

12/11: Ew. Caller stated brown water coming out of building across from Capital One. Drain pipe from 62 “Purchase Street. Spoke to HVAC contractor on scene he just drained system to perform work.

12/11: DPW reported accident involving City vehicle. Parked, unoccupied vehicle, rear driver side tire deflated, unable to make contact with owner. Incident card left on vehicle.

12/10: Caller reported vehicle off roadway, Grace Church Street, slid down driveway into snow-covered mud. Private tow called.

12/9: SALT; it’s everywhere. DPW truck dropped 4-foot mound of salt/sand, blocking roadway near Topsail Lane/Van Wagenen Avenue in westbound lane of traffic. DPW notified.

10/31: Suspicious vehicle, Brown Avenue/Centre Street. White van observed driving slowly around neighborhood. Made contact with operator who stated he was delivering phonebooks. Material in van, paperwork checked.

10/30: Black sedan with hazard lights on, Playland Parkway access ramp by US-1. Caller stated driver appeared to be asleep behind the wheel. Spoke to party. Taxi driver, was tired, decided to pull over to sleep.

10/30: Abandoned kittens reported in dumpster, Con Ed Maintenance yard. Too dangerous to crawl around dumpster. Spoke to multiple employees who stated they had seen kittens walking around driveway recently. Said they would make platform for kittens to crawl out and contact trapper to attempt to retrieve them.

10/30: Loose dog dragging long leash reported, Forest Avenue.

10/30: Smoking pole reported in area of Rye Arts Center. RFD on scene, traffic diverted.

10/30: Possibly rabid or injured raccoon last seen entering sewer, Beck/Forest avenues.

10/30: Fire hose. Vessel in Marina slip #241 sank, was leaking fuel, oil. RFD on scene, used absorbent hazmat socks for containment.

10/29: Hard to find, at knight. Officer assisted driver in finding Whitby Castle.

10/29: Caller reported her vehicle was vandalized while it was parked in Car Park #4, 1:22 a.m.

10/29: Halsted Avenue caller stated she was victim of phone scam.

10/29: Advised by boat owner of vessel taking on water, Slip #31, Marina. Boat Basin supervisor notified.

10/29: Blown transformers, Apawamis Avenue/Milton Road, Glen Oaks Drive/LaSalle Avenue, 6:54 p.m., and Dearborn Avenue, 11 p.m. No signs of fire.

10/29: Aft-er the deluge. Marine unit inspected docks due to heavy rain. Observed vessel broken free from stern. Supervisor notified.

10/28: Henry Street caller reported VW Tiguan blocking his driveway. Condition corrected.

10/28: Underage drinking party reported, Clinton Avenue. Cars, 10, 18, and 33 sent. Party dispersed prior to arrival by homeowner. Daughter had group over while parents were at dinner.

10/27: Johnson Place caller reported seeing coyote in her backyard, 9:18 a.m.

10/27: Removed buoys by Fairchild Rock, Milton Harbor House, prepared for winter storage.

10/26: Time for a leaf-mulching ordinance? Locust Avenue caller reported multiple leaf blowers in use. Observed one landscaper working multiple properties, in compliance with city Code.

10/26: Sedan-tary. Caller reported two individuals, possibly living in white sedan, parked out-side of his building, throwing garbage out vehicle window, North Street/Nursery Lane. Individuals checked out, advised to head home.

10/26: Theodore Fremd Avenue caller reported multiple leaf blowers. Warning issued. Landscaper advised of Code.

10/26: Multiple leaf blowers, Brevoort Lane. Summons issued.

10/26: Walk-in party reported fraudulent loan taken out in his name.

10/26: Erratic driver, on wrong side of roadway, pulled into Hewlett Street address, possibly struck house with his car. Canvassed area, negative results.

10/25: Light colored VW reported blocking entrance to Gagliardo Park. Summons issued.

10/24: Milton Harbor, area checked at 9:55 a.m. Heavy winds, waves in harbor. Mooring field checked. All appeared secure.

10/24: Muffled response. Vehicle with loud exhaust reported in Chester Drive area for over two hours. Driver stated he had just left girlfriend’s house, did not want to disclose location.

10/23: Complainant stated fraudulent check was signed, cashed from his bank account.

10/23: Party reported criminal mischief to her car, Purchase Street. Sworn statement taken.

10/22: Loud party reported, Rye Road, 12:47 a.m. Party was taken inside.

10/22: Coyote reported running across Playland Parkway at Charlotte Street, 6:25 a.m.

10/21: Caller stated man was flying drone in Theodore Fremd parking lot, was unsure if that was allowed. Both parties at scene using drone for real estate purposes.

10/18: Illegally parked vehicle, Central/Summit avenues. Expired inspection. Summons issued.

10/18: Tree-trimming truck blocking sidewalk/crosswalk, BPR/Osborn Road, creating hazards to children crossing road. Truck moved, work stopped until dismissal complete.

10/18: Hawk, eyed. Injured hawk reported in roadway, Theodore Fremd.

10/17: Vehicle driver’s side door left wide open. Maple Avenue. Checked vehicle interior, all appeared in order.

10/17: Orange detour sign damaged, Maple/Locust avenues. Bent, blocking traffic. Taped off. DPW notified.

10/17: Caller reported dog following her down Hall’s Lane. Chihuahua located, identified by neighbor, place in its home, note left for owner who was not at home.

10/17: Four to five females reported sitting at picnic table smoking marijuana, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Stated they were employees at location, denied drug use.

10/17: Walk-in wished to file complaint of two suspicious parties following her in vehicle.



11/21: Audacious. Black Audi reported parked on Maple Avenue sidewalk. Summons issued.

11/28: Animal struck by motor vehicle, BPR/Bradford Avenue. DPW notified.

11/27: Improperly registered vehicle, parked on sidewalk, Wainwright Street. Summons issued.

11/27: Resident reported suspicious dark-colored SUV parked across from her Cedar Street house. No occupied vehicles found in area.

11/27: Rye Rec requested to speak with officers regarding illegal dumping.

11/27: Caller reported two suspicious males wearing all black acting suspicious, Hammond Road/North Street.

11/27: Assisted citizen who said leaf blower fell off his truck on Eldridge Place, another company may have retrieved it.

11/27: Rules of the Road. Exceeded 30 m.p.h. speed limit, Forest Avenue. Summons issued.

11/27: Poor conception. Verizon truck performing work in roadway, Elm Place/Purchase Street, no flagman. Truck parked in intersection over crosswalk. Conditions were to be corrected. Warning issued.

11/27: Caller reported striking deer which was lying injured on side of Osborn Road. RFD on scene washed down street. DPW on scene. Deer dispatched.

11/26: Rules of the Road, failed to stay right on double yellow-lined roadway, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues. Warning issued.

11/26: Complainant stated gray Toyota Corolla was driving aggressively at high speed, Playland Fountain.

11/26: This Bud’s for…no one. Ridgewood Drive party wanted to report backpack that was hidden in old foundation which he found to be suspicious. Stated he saw young man pull up in gray Acura MDX, exit with a backpack, walk onto foundation, returned without backpack. Upon investigation, discovered small pack with several Budweiser beers stashed. Bag removed, disposed of by resident.

11/26: Give that owner a biscuit! Dog reported barking, Summit Avenue. Spoke to homeowners and advised them of City Code. They took dog inside, promised it would no longer be an issue.

11/25: C’mon in. Assisted citizen. Passer-by noticed screen off window and window ajar at Griffin Place residence. Homeowner arrived on scene, stated screen always off window, door always unlocked.

11/24: Doggone it. Walk-in reported her dog was bitten by another dog.

11/24: Caller reported large group of youths in street possibly fighting, Apawamis/Forest avenues. Spoke with youths who stated there was no fighting or problems.

11/24: No more decaf, Ronald. 911 call regarding person who fell asleep at wheel while waiting on McDonald’s drive-thru.

11/22: Odor of gas inside Elmwood Avenue house. A 101-year-old female inside unable to leave on her own. RFD dispatched.

11/22: The buck stopped there. Pondview Road caller stated deer was in their front yard, laying down, possibly sick. Large buck, appeared sluggish, old but not overtly sick or injured.

11/21: Talk about hackneyed. Rules of the Road. Defendant seen driving up to taxi inspection after check had shown his privilege to drive was suspended. Arrested.

11/21: Hewlett Avenue caller reported receiving package from Saks Fifth Avenue that she did not order, also had fraudulent charge on her credit card. At about 3 p.m. she observed black BMW with tinted windows across from her home. Officer dispatched to take sworn statement.

11/21: Voluminous. Caller reported group in backyard of Osborn Road residence was loud and disturbing her peace, 10:04 p.m. Spoke to homeowners who said they would bring party inside and keep volume down.

11/20: Black vehicle reported parked on street, playing loud music, Chamberlain Street/Oakland Beach Avenue, 12:38 a.m. Spoke to driver, told him to turn music down, head home.

11/19: Flyos. Thin aluminum piece breaking away from upper façade of Verizon Building, Purchase Street. Area taped off, message left with building supervisor.

11/19: Jaywalker. Caller reported unknown male exited Jay estate property on foot, got into unknown vehicle, proceeded northbound on BPR where it drove into gas station.

11/18: Heavy equipment being used prior to appropriate time, Locust/Maple avenues. Summons issued.

11/17: Suspicious vehicle. Black SUV reported going around barrier into Playland. Local resident collecting firewood.

11/17: Party reported punched in face by co-worker at Grandview Avenue construction site.

11/17: Large woodchuck killed by motor vehicle, Centre Street/Forest Avenue.

11/17: Animal acting rabid, inside recycling bins, Bradford Avenue. Animal made its way into woods.

11/17: Raccoon dragging its back legs, attempted to bite dog, Red Oak Drive. Raccoon captured.

11/17: Vehicle parked illegally for several days, Station Plaza, towed by Vincent’s.

11/16: Multiple leaf blowers reported, Greenhaven Road. New company to area, promised to continue with one blower at a time. Warning issued.

11/15: Tell-tail. Rules of the Road. Vehicle driving southbound on Forest Avenue near Grace Church Street, no tail lamp, unlicensed operator. Summons issued.


10/13: Can-do attitude. State Police requested response to garbage can reported on I-95 South. Can was off shoulder next to barrier in passing lane. Did not pose any immediate danger, but unable to remove due to heavy traffic.

10/16: Broken glass, Cottage Street, in area of glass store. DPW to be informed in morning.

10/15: Tow for the Road. Disabled box truck, Locust Avenue/Purchase Street. Towed.

10/15: Welcome mat. Suspicious person. Balding Asian male in his 40s reported taking pictures of houses in BPR/Bradford Avenue. Spoke with party through daughter who translated. Party is new to area, just wanted to see the neighborhood.

10/15: Suspicious person. Caller was concerned about a man was watching children from gray Mini Cooper parked in roadway, First Street/Purdy Avenue. Resident in vehicle was having conversation with other parents.

10/15: Vessel stopped for speeding in Port Chester Harbor. Summons issued.

10/15: Illegally parked vehicle, Allendale Drive/Oakland Beach Avenue. Summons issued, towed.

10/15: Got fish? Checked five parties fishing, Edith Read Waterways. One warning for no fishing registration.

10/15: Pane-ful. Headlights reported shining across parkway into window on Charlotte Street. Car 10 responded. Con Edison work van, advised to lower lights.

10/15: Walk-in reported that his Rye Manor neighbor punched him in the face three days earlier. Wanted to document same.

10/15: Peck Avenue caller stated her neighbor just shoved her. Ongoing issue.

10/15: Loud music, Ellen Court, 10:40 p.m. Condition corrected.

10/14: On your mark…Construction, 9:56 a.m., Apawamis/Forest avenues. Spoke with employee on scene, instructed him to wait until 10 a.m.

10/14: Caller reported disoriented older male with long hair riding bike on I-95 South ramp.

10/14: Marriott staff reported two males, early 20s acting suspicious in hotel parking lot. Stated they attempted to enter hotel through side door. Did not believe they were guests.

10/14: Park Avenue resident stated loud music was disturbing his sleep, 11:10 p.m. Searched area, party taken inside for the night.

10/13: City Code violation. Dumpster blocking roadway, Sonn Drive. Summons issued.

10/13: Performed check on one person fishing from kayak, Scotch Caps. No violation.

10/13: Dumpster fire next to 178 Theodore Fremd Avenue. RFD, backup units on scene.

10/13: Port Chester PD reported suspicious vehicle, Cottage Street/Midland Avenue. Canvassed area, negative results.

10/13: School bus reported driving erratically, BPR/Old Post Road. Area canvassed, negative results.

10/13: That Hertz. Assisted citizen, Midland Avenue. Damage to rear of party’s rental car.

10/13: Male kids wearing blue shirts stole two 6-packs of Coors Light from CVS.

10/13: Suspicious vehicle in Marshlands. Towed, 8:05 p.m.

10/12: Officer checked on two suspicious parties in the rear of Playland parking lot, 1:13 a.m. Parties checked out, advised that park was closed. On their way.

10/12: Coyote walking through yard, 7:41 a.m., Forest Avenue.

10/11: Coyote sighting, Stuyvesant/Van Wagenen avenues, 9:21 a.m.

10/11: Walk-in reported suspicious bag tied to railings close to train tracks, NYC-bound side, between ticket, soda machines. Just a damaged umbrella.

10/11: Packard Court reported deer had been laying in her backyard all day. Deer was sleeping. Sent on its way.

10/11: Larceny from vehicle. Complainant stated his Station Plaza parking permit was stolen from his vehicle.

10/10: Vehicle reported bumping into pedestrians in Playland Market lot. No reported injuries. Unit sent to investigate.

10/10: Caller reported rock chipping, 8:53 a.m. Con Edison jack-hammering, opening up road to replace broken pipe on their Theodore Fremd property.

10/10: Complainant stated unleashed dogs were chasing him and he has difficulty walking, Rye Town Park. Spoke with party who did not want to file a statement. Dog owners left RTP prior to officer’s arrival.

10/10: Injured animal reported, Locust Avenue. Dog was okay, returned to owner.

10/10: Illegally parked vehicle, Oakwood Avenue. Caller reported Subaru wagon making it difficult to pass on road. Owner on scene, moving vehicle.

10/10: No harm, no foul. Party stated vehicle is parked on his lawn, damaged same. Complainant advised vehicle in question parked on City property. No violations.

10/10: Tricky seat-uation. Party reported that woman berated him on 6th of October over a seat at train station. He encountered her again on the 9th. She was acting irrational. Complainant wanted to document incident, because he was unsure what female would do or say. They both take train from Rye.

10/10: Male with no shirt, wearing shorts, acting strange on sidewalk, Hix/Oakland Beach avenues. Party located, identified.

10/9: Red Honda at Midland/Peck avenues intersection, party asleep at wheel. Driver stated he was too tired to drive.

10/9: Suspicious persons. Group of young females reported walking north past Playland Market. Caller reported they appeared to be too young to be out at 4 a.m. Parties checked out. Walking home two blocks from area of contact.

10/9: Caller stated he had just witnessed someone taking property out of clothing donation bin, Nursery Field.

10/9: Vehicle was blocking fire hydrant, Elm Place/Purchase Street. Summons issued.

10/9: Assisted Port Chester PD with party in Grace Church Street window with rifle. Transported one male to PCPD at request of sergeant on scene.

10/8: Received report from AYC that vessel had broken free and was on rocks. Located 37-foot sailboat on Spike Island.

10/8: Boat that had too many people in it reported off Milton Point, causing dangerous condition. Voyage terminated.



11/6: The old “Van Winkle” line. Suspicious vehicle, Marshlands, 3:23 a.m. Parties stated they fell asleep after hiking during the day. Advised to find a safe place to sleep.

11/14: It’s baaaack! The Snow (or no snow) Ordinance. Illegally parked vehicles: Milton Road/Hill Street, Halstead Place, Dearborn Avenue, Park Lane, Fairlawn Court, many other locations. Warnings issued.

11/13: BPR resident stated she heard someone outside near dumpster on her property. Officer stopped vehicle in area. Driver checked out. Canvassed area, all appeared quiet/normal.

11/13: Tax bill, probably. Screaming reported in area of Kirby Lane/Van Renssalaer Road. Caller stated woman was screaming near one residence. Checked exterior, no apparent sign of anyone home. Outside all quiet.

11/13: Criminal mischief to vehicle, Theodore Fremd Avenue. Damage to passenger side tail light. Statement taken.

11/13: The Crate Escape. Child with finger caught in crate, Osborn School. Officers able to cut crate so child could remove finger. No visible injuries or complaints of pain. School nurse on scene.

11/13: Caller stated she observed two “shady-looking” males in white van in area of Milton Road/Vale Place. One male knocked on door at unknown address while other went into backyard. Were contractors hired by bank to board-up abandoned hoses.

11/13: Cedar Place caller stated raccoon was screaming in roadway, appeared to be injured. Animal died from motor vehicle injuries.

11/12: Nervy. Large coyote reported walking down street near Highland Road/Mendota Avenue, 1:30 p.m.

11/12: City Code violation. Caller stated construction work was going on opposite Osborn School on Osborn Road on a Sunday. Condition corrected. Warning issued.

11/12: Peace officer. Central Avenue caller stated he wanted to speak to officer regarding neighbor harassing him. Spoke with both parties regarding unwanted noise, mediated meeting in which they voice concerns, apologized to one another.

11/11: Caller reported unsafe icy sidewalk condition, School Street. Confirmed condition. Building owner, DPW were to be notified.

11/11: Eyewitness news. Complainant reported several parties on his property with unknown reason for being there. Possibly Jehovah’s Witnesses. Left area in white Mini Cooper, black 4-door sedan. Area canvassed. GOA.

11/10: How about a bright yellow line there! Vehicle illegally parked in traffic lane, Rye Grill 7 Bar/Station Plaza. Owner relocated her vehicle.

11/8: Caller stated there was a camper van parked on Central Avenue and she was not sure if it was legal. Registered owner had called to ask permission to park overnight.

11/8: Caller reported gray Toyota Tacoma was parked on street for past couple of days with keys in vehicle; construction workers nearby claimed they did not know whose it was. Belonged to worker in area, advised not to leave keys in vehicle. Grace Church Street/Guion Road.

11/8: “Grandma” scam. Walk-in stated she was handed a note from woman in car on Sylvan Place that stated her family was being held hostage. People on phone were also extorting money from her, threatening to shoot her niece and nephews. Cars 10, 11, 15 sent. After money transferred, found that children were safe in their schools.

11/8: Parties reported they had lost their Brazilian passports, needed police report for consulate so that they could return to Brazil.

11/8: Cookie caper. Caller stated two females, one blonde, one brunette, were selling cookies in the village. Walked into Blue Mercury trying to sell. She did not think they had permit to solicit. Searched village. GOA.

11/8: Raccoon reported in Captains Lane home. Animal removed.

11/7: Coyotes observed traveling east across synagogue parking lot towards Forest Avenue, 2:08 a.m.

11/7: Suspicious vehicle, Theall Road. Driver stated he was tired, needed to take quick nap before heading back to New Hampshire.

11/7: TWEET! TWEET! Caller reported noise that sounded like leaf blower. Searched Rye Colony area, only noise was coming from birds.

11/7: Caller stated daughter was riding bike in Hix Park area and was nearly struck by driver who proceeded to yell at her. Spoke with both parties, advised safety especially with children and vehicular traffic in Hix neighborhood.

11/6: Suspicious vehicle. Red sedan stopped in roadway, Halls Lane/Stuyvesant Avenue, 4:56 a.m. Familiar party out collecting cans with his wife. Spoken to about leaving vehicle unattended in roadway.

11/5: Suspicious person. Male youths wearing hoodies in walking around Park Avenue walking around, 1:07 a.m. Male, female local residents of Soundview, walking home from friend’s house by Harrison line. Checked out.

11/4: Badly injured deer on Grace Church Street property. Homeowner advised to call local trapper.

11/4: Brevoort Lane caller stated she heard a noise in the night, noticed broken window in rear of her home in morning. Wanted officer to check it out.

11/4: Claremont Avenue caller stated she heard sister’s car alarm go off, was parked in driveway, 11:28 p.m. When they went out to check, they heard voices coming from bushes. Area canvassed with negative results.

11/3: Young kids reported playing on Webster Bank roof, Purchase Street. Able to make contact with youths and one mother. Youth referral prepared.

11/3: Wise. Give that child a “T-Bone” (chicken cutlet, French fries, hot sauce, ketchup)! Caller reported children on bicycles obstructing traffic near Jerry’s Post Road Market. Upon arrival, group was walking down BPR. Spoke with one party who stated he would find a better place to ride his bike.

9/27: Wheely annoying! Larceny of a bike, Station Plaza, 7:13 p.m.

10/3: Coyote reported running across Playland Parkway near Charlotte Street, southbound.

10/2: Third party complained that moving company was removing items from Milton Road home without authorization. Unfounded. No moving company, residence appeared secure.

10/2: Lucky Lindy. Cars parked on both sides of Lindbergh Avenue blocking access. Vehicles moved.

10/2: One down, 142,999,999 to go. Fairlawn Street party wished to file report due to information breach through Equifax. Civilian statement completed.

10/2: Small blue sedan reported parked illegally causing traffic jam, Sonn Drive. GOA.

10/2: Report of red vehicle with small child inside crying hysterically with no parent around, Billington Court/Midland Avenue. Event not witnessed, however, officer spoke to female in red vehicle with three children, advised her of dangers of leaving small children in car.

10/2: Complainant stated someone was banging on her door and she was not expecting anyone. Requested police check. Appeared Halls Lane neighbor may have dropped off package delivered in error, rang bell.

10/1: Roadway blocked between Central/Locust avenues. Spoke to homeowner, said she would have cars removed. Second warning issued.

10/1: Assisted truck backing out from under Purchase Street bridge.

10/1: Stern warming. Vessel in distress. Responded to report of vessel fire in area of Belle Haven marina. Upon arrival, found 21-foot Regulator attached to mooring. Owner stated there had been electrical fire in stern battery compartment. He was able to extinguish before marine unit arrived. Vessel checked, no other imminent danger.

9/30: One way to get a new cell. Sargeant reported two males took off running from him after breaking into Verizon store, 4:35 a.m., Purdy Avenue/Purchase Street. Back-up units sent.

9/30: Construction prior to 10 a.m. Warning issued.

9/30: Larceny. Vehicles entered into overnight while parked in Oakland Beach Avenue driveway.

9/30: Officer dispatched to assist with civil matter, Highland Hall. All parties agreed to complete process through courts.

9/30: Easy pickings. Larceny from vehicle. Wallet removed from vehicle overnight, Oakland Beach Avenue.

9/30: Early birds. Bradford Avenue party stated two boys, approximately age 13, rang her doorbell, one wearing mask and said “Trick or Treat,” 5:45 p.m. Headed off towards Hunt Place. Searched area, parties GOA.

9/30: Walk-in stated there was an expensive-looking white bag in Chase ATM vestibule. Bag contained food, left there for owner to come pick up. Impossible to determine who owner was.

9/30: Suspicious person. Caller stated male was standing in roadway, North Street/ Theodore Fremd Avenue, waving cell phone/keys at passersby.

9/29: Nutmeg caper. Cedar Street caller stated their residence was burglarized, offender fleeing in his vehicle with CT plates, 6:30 a.m.

9/29: Suspicious person. Two youths wearing black hoodies reported jumping wall by closed bridge, Central/Theodore Fremd avenues.

9/29: Drag racing reported in Playland lot, 2 p.m. County PD doing maneuvers.

9/29: Caller stated possibly intoxicated male on southbound train platform. Black sneakers, black tank top, back pack. Given ride to residence, made it inside safely.

9/29: Summons issued to intoxicated driver, Chestnut Street, 8:46 p.m.

9/29: Neighborhood trouble. Info from Tip Line. Party stated kids threw half-full can at right passenger windshield. Party stated kids walked into white house, blue shutters.

9/29: Suspicious white van reported on Milton Road sidewalk. Caller stated it was parked in front of elderly person’s home, 8 p.m.

9/29: Caller stated man in his 40s in blue T-shirt, khaki shorts in distress, waving arms, pacing back and forth, Milton Harbor House.

9/28: Leaf blowers in use, Robert Crisfield Place. Summons issued.

9/28: Home on the range. Officer requested to gain access to Brevoort Lane home because food left on stove. Resident came home before arrival.

9/28: Suspicious person. Caller stated balding heavyset male chased him on Locust Avenue, 9 p.m.. He believed the individual was wearing gray shirt. Checked area, unfounded.

9/27: Caller requested assistance clearing up private Gramercy Avenue roadway due to concerns about emergency vehicles access.

9/27: Illegal dumping of paint in storm drain reported, near four-way stop, Greenhaven/Rye roads, 12:25 p.m. Unable to see any illegal dumping.

9/27: Suspicious Silver Nissan reported circling Adelaide Street/Forest Avenue area several times. Area canvassed, negative results.

9/26: Suspicious vehicle, Gagliardo Park. Driver fell asleep with her dogs, advised to turn off vehicle, return home.

9/26: City Code violation. Report of solicitor, wearing black suit, without permit. Grace Church Street. Party stated he would apply through City Hall.

9/25: Vehicle reported stopped in intersection, Locust Avenue/Purchase Street. Caller stated they heard arguing, doors slamming. Upon arrival found empty vehicles with driver door open. Found parties walking separately. Sent driver away in vehicle, called taxi for other party.

9/25: Tumi or not Tumi. Forest Avenue resident reported unknown person put empty suitcase in her garbage at the curb. Checked suitcase, no need for further action.

9/25: City Code violation, leaf blowers, Forest Avenue.

9/25: Allendale Drive complainant stated there were two illegally parked vehicles in front of his property for weeks. Vehicles were legally parked. Callers spoken to.

9/25: Rabbit stuck in soccer net, Dearborn Avenue. Freed b y RPD.

9/24: Several youths reported jumping around on roofs of Purchase Street building.

Spoke with caller who stated youths left area in unknown vehicles.

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