Rye City School District Boiler Bond & Budget Pass Boyle and Glassberg Elected

For supporters of the Rye City Schools May 17 was a rewarding day.


For supporters of the Rye City Schools May 17 was a rewarding day. The 2016/17 Budget passed 1,165 to 365, while repairing the furnace at Osborn School garnered even warmer support. Residents voted 1,224 to 300 to approve the issuance of up to a $1.8 million bond to install a new furnace.


Katy Glassberg and Jennifer Boyle, running unopposed for seats on the School Board, received, respectively 1,206 and 1,270 votes. Glassberg was running for her third three-year term; this will be Boyle’s first. There were some 40 write-in candidates whose names will be released next week when the County certifies the returns as official.


Glassberg expressed her thanks for everyone who came out to vote. “The School Budget and Osborn School furnace bond passed by large margins with strong support,” she said. “I'm delighted to have been elected to serve a third term on the Board. It will be my privilege to continue to work to deliver, in a fiscally responsible manner, the excellent educational program our community values."

"I am honored,” said Boyle, “to have been elected to the Board of Education. I was thrilled with the voter turnout to support our schools and look forward to contributing to the community engagement efforts focused on the evolving needs of our schools."


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Glassberg currently serves as President of the Board, and it is thought likely that the Board will ask her at its June 30 meeting to continue to serve in that position.