While there were no trombones on the occasion of the Inauguration Ceremony marking the 76th anniversary of the City of Rye, there was plenty of good cheer inside City Hall on New Year’s Day.

Judge Joe Latwin had the pleasure of swearing in Josh Cohn as Mayor, and Sara Goddard, Julie Souza, and Ben Stacks as Councilmembers.

Families and friends stayed for light refreshments and the chance to catch up and converse in a room filled with warmth and good feelings.

Photos by Melanie Cane



Councilmember Sara Goddard with her husband Taegan and their three sons



Councilmember Julie Souza with her husband John and their three children



Councilman Ben Stacks with, from left, his daughters Hannah and Kate, and wife, Kim O’Connor



Mayor Josh Cohn with his daughter Hannah

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