Having won the race for City Council handily last week, you might imagine that the four winners would be putting up their feet or taking a well-earned vacation. In fact, according to Josh Cohn, the Mayor-elect, they are trying to review “everything” — in progress, prioritized, on hold, much discussed, or long planned — before they take office New Year’s Day.

“This is no small thing,” said Cohn earlier this week. “There are a tremendous number of things to do, probably more than we can do by the end of the year. We’re now spectators in the 2018 budget discussions, but we are all very much aware that our first and biggest task is finding non-property tax revenue sources and grant funds.” He added, “A million dollars a year for street repair, for example, is maintenance-only spending. The City needs to build more parking downtown for its businesses.”

Thinking even further ahead, Cohn offered the following assurance: “We’re going to be active and in it for the community, and come out of our four years with residents feeling that the Council has made positive progress on a number of important issues, such as residential development.

“Rye has an identity, a striving municipal identity, and I’d like to strengthen that identity.”

— Robin Jovanovich

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