On Saturday night April 29, Rye Police Officers responded to a noise complaint at 6 Barberry Lane. Upon arrival, officers observed approximately 30 under-aged individuals drinking what appeared to be canned beer on the rear deck and inside the home. Numerous empty cans of Bud Light were scattered throughout the yard. Many fled as police arrived at the scene.

During the investigation, one of the officers observed a 17-year-old male in possession of a nine-pack of unopened beer and one open Bud Light in his hand that he dropped and kicked under the car near where he was standing. Several individuals were detained and identified and evidence was confiscated. The homeowners were not home.

Public Safety Commissioner Michael C. Corcoran stated, “This is an ongoing investigation into who may have supplied the alcoholic beverages, which will include interviews with multiple parties.” Corcoran added that an anonymous tip was submitted through the Tip Line, which led to the department’s response.

“Rye Police Department will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach to under-aged drinking and the hosting of these types of parties,” said Corcoran. RPD Detectives continue to investigate the case, with charges pending.

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