I wanted to take a minute and say thank-you to the Rye community for being a wonderful place to work.  I am thankful for the six years that I was privileged to work in the city at the Recreation Department. I enjoyed every one of them. The community and its residents really made me feel good about what I do for a living. I also want to thank Sally Rogol and the rest of the Rye Recreation staff for the memories.  It is a special department and I will miss it.

Now, I am off to continue my career in Eastchester, N.Y.  I wish the entire Rye community happiness and success.  I hope to see you all down the road…

Your friend,

Doug Scott

I would like to thank you, during our recent interview, for engaging in a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion of Rye issues over the past four years and into the future.

During my public service, I have learned many important lessons on the role the Mayor must play in our community, including these top ten:

* Strive for unity, not divisiveness; calmness, not agitation;

* Lead the discussion by eliciting feedback from all different perspectives;

*Exercise restraint and balance in not favoring one perspective over another;

*Absorb the frustration and anxiety that can sometimes find its way into passionate debates;

* Demand honesty and fairness from your colleagues and yourself;

* Be willing to adapt and evolve your views, when faced with a new set of circumstances;

*Take risks and show foresight in order to move the ball forward;

* Stand up for Rye, at all costs, even when it is not good for you personally;

* Employ a strong sense of humor and a thick skin, and act with humility;

* Always do what is right, no matter what.

We all have roles and responsibilities in service of our great City, and if given the privilege of a second term as Mayor, I pledge to remain fully committed to the highest standard of excellence on behalf of all residents of Rye. 

— Mayor Joe Sack

I write to address misstatements set forth in the letter to the editor published in the last edition (October 20, 2017) by the Democratic candidates for Mayor and City Council. They accuse Mayor Sack of attempting to silence campaign speech by making a complaint to the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee. What the candidates attempt to gloss over is the fact that their campaign material was found to be “unfair” and “misleading” by the committee. For the full text of the finding, go to

This is a bi-partisan, independent committee whose function is to ensure that “political candidates must provide the public with accurate, truthful information so that informed decisions can be made in choosing our leaders.”  

These same candidates seem to feel that whatever untruths they spew forward must be accepted. Shockingly, even <after> their statements have been determined to be misleading, these candidates continue to mislead the voters by spewing forth the same exact misleading statements. This is outrageous.

So, to adopt the Democrat’s position, they should be free to mislead the public with no ramifications. Making a complaint to the very committee set up to determine if their statements are misleading is “an attempt to silence campaign speech”. I guess their definition of “campaign speech” is to use whatever lie is convenient to get elected.

This is exactly the type of fear mongering that we all should reject. Rye is better than that. 

A rigorous truthful campaign on the issues is what our residents deserve. Mayor Sack and Councilman McCartney have a solid record of great achievements in the past four years. The Democrats have not even attempted to dispute this solid record. Unfortunately, the Democratic candidates have lost sight of their obligations to the voters. It appears that they have lost their moral compass, still putting forth statements that have already been determined to be misleading. Lying to the public to win an election should never be rewarded. Our voters are smarter than that. 

Reelect Mayor Joe Sack and Councilman Terry McCartney and elect Susan Watson and Elizabeth Parks. Send a message that fear mongering will not result in success and that candidates should run on the truth, not lies. 

— Anthony Piscionere

Next Tuesday, Rye residents will head to the polls to cast votes for their choice of candidates for Westchester County Executive and Rye City Council. Mirroring the current state of our national politics, this is a highly charged election with much at stake. I, personally, have enthusiastically endorsed and supported the lineup presented by the Moving Rye Forward ticket: Josh Cohn for Mayor, and Sara Goddard, Julie Souza, and Ben Stacks for Council seats.

Let’s get Rye back on the right track and elect these four wonderful individuals into office. I have met each candidate in person and can't say enough good things about them. I have personally known Sara Goddard since 2010 and have worked with her closely on the Rye Sustainability Committee ( for the past eight years. As chair of the committee, Sara has spearheaded the most important and significant successes accomplished by our group.  Sara has both the right principles and the right temperament to be a force for getting all good things done on the Rye City Council.

All four Moving Rye Forward candidates are the best people for the job and are what Rye needs. Please join me in casting your vote for Sara and the other Moving Rye Forward candidates on Tuesday, November 7.

— Melissa Grieco


Respect, open mindedness, dignity, and empathy. These are qualities that we admire in others and hope to emulate ourselves. These are also qualities that we should demand of our elected leaders. We want our leaders to listen to and encourage diverse opinions, to embrace principles of open government, to approach difficult problems in a nonpartisan manner, and to demonstrate compassion toward all of our citizens.

I’ve attended many City Council meetings and interacted extensively with our current elected leaders. In the last three years, I have watched Council meetings become more heated and contentious, largely because citizens and the minority members of the Council feel that their opinions are not valued or respected. We all, myself included, must take personal responsibility for the general decline in civil discourse in our community. We must work together in a constructive, nonpartisan manner. But our elected officials have a special responsibility to set the right “tone at the top.” They must serve as role models and demonstrate respect and openness in their interactions with each other and with all of Rye’s citizens, including those who disagree with them. Earnest debate of important issues cannot be shut down by interruptions and angry outbursts, nor should important policy decisions be made without the full input of all Council members and the public.

This is why I’ll be voting for Josh Cohn, Sara Goddard, Ben Stacks, and Julie Souza on November 7. These candidates stand for an open, inclusive, and fiscally responsible City government. They have assumed leadership roles in a wide range of community organizations and have demonstrated their personal commitment to civic engagement. We need elected officials that are willing to listen, genuinely receptive to our opinions, and willing to work collaboratively with each other and with interested citizens on practical, affordable solutions.

Josh, Sara, Ben, and Julie have pledged to set a new open-minded and respectful tone at the top and restore much-needed civility to our community. I will give them that opportunity and hold them to that pledge.

— Pamela McGuire

Like anyone in Rye, I like to see a well-run, transparent, and effective local government. Public access channels should be a cure for insomnia, rather than a source of drama. Unfortunately, too often it’s a circus. But every two years, voters get to judge the City Council — either they’re pleased with the council’s performance and vote for the incumbents, or they’re unhappy and vote for change.

This election, I’m voting for change. I believe differing opinions on the City Council should be welcomed and openly debated, rather than ridiculed and dismissed. I believe that Josh Cohn, Julie Souza, Sara Goddard, and Ben Stacks will strike the right balance of impassioned debate and respect for others, not only for other Council members, but also for the public.

I have come to know Josh in the past year, when he marshalled a broad coalition of alarmed Rye residents concerning the City’s lackluster response to a widespread cell phone tower plan. More recently, he’s alerted many to the proposal/plan of relocating the DPW (by the way, I don’t care what one calls it, it’s simply a BAD IDEA!).

In the past few months, I’ve come to know both Julie and Sara, and have been suitably impressed with both their intellect and their desire to improve the public dialogue. They have seen a problem and are stepping in to fix it. This is what true leaders do — they fix the problem rather than affix the blame. Lastly, I have had the great good fortune to live next to Ben Stacks for well over 15 years, and cannot stress enough that Ben represents the best that Rye has to offer.

I urge everyone to come out to vote for these four next Tuesday, November 7, and take Rye in a better direction.

— Matt Fahey, former Rye City Councilman