It is time for positive change in Rye government. Mayoral candidate Josh Cohn and City Council candidates Sara Goddard, Julie Souza and Ben Stacks are four dedicated community volunteers. We know them, and they really care about our community. They have the willingness, as well as the professional skills, to find solutions to Rye's inadequate roads and sidewalks, periodic flooding, tight parking, and other issues that are important to us. 

The City is spending our tax dollars on hopeless lawsuits and neglecting to apply for readily available grants that would help pay for mandated infrastructure projects. Josh, Sara, Julie, and Ben all have financial backgrounds and would do a better job of fiscal stewardship. 

If you have ever gone to a City Council meeting, you may have been disappointed in the way you were treated. Josh, Sara, Julie, and Ben would make our local government more respectful and welcoming to the people of Rye.

As moms of elementary school children at Milton, Osborn, and Midland, we believe Josh, Sara, Julie, and Ben are the leaders we want for our community — candidates who are positive role models and candidates who have the type of leadership ability that will Move Rye Forward — the type of leadership that Rye deserves. 

— Sabrina Bunn, Claudine Hanley, and Erin Pymm