I would like to thank you, during our recent interview, for engaging in a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion of Rye issues over the past four years and into the future.

During my public service, I have learned many important lessons on the role the Mayor must play in our community, including these top ten:

* Strive for unity, not divisiveness; calmness, not agitation;

* Lead the discussion by eliciting feedback from all different perspectives;

*Exercise restraint and balance in not favoring one perspective over another;

*Absorb the frustration and anxiety that can sometimes find its way into passionate debates;

* Demand honesty and fairness from your colleagues and yourself;

* Be willing to adapt and evolve your views, when faced with a new set of circumstances;

*Take risks and show foresight in order to move the ball forward;

* Stand up for Rye, at all costs, even when it is not good for you personally;

* Employ a strong sense of humor and a thick skin, and act with humility;

* Always do what is right, no matter what.

We all have roles and responsibilities in service of our great City, and if given the privilege of a second term as Mayor, I pledge to remain fully committed to the highest standard of excellence on behalf of all residents of Rye. 

— Mayor Joe Sack