Glad to know about the [reopening] of PepsiCo Gardens, as reported in The Rye Record (July 14, 2017). Just wanted to clarify that the Frick garden that Russell Page designed is the one to the east of the house, and its formal name is the 70th Street Garden. The article in The Record cites the one on Fifth Avenue, which is the older one, from the period of family residence and the 1930s, and was never part of the building project plan that has since been shelved. (Some newspapers two years ago referenced the wrong one, hence the confusion perhaps).

I just thought to share this information in case Rye readers come down to see it. The two gardens at the Frick are quite different, and I want to be sure they know which one to seek out if looking for Russell Page’s work.

— Heidi Rosenau, Associate Director of Media Relations & Marketing, The Frick Collection

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