The Rye Record is a very enjoyable newspaper covering community events and beyond.

I usually find insightful advice in the “Ask Alice” column. In the May 5 issue, however, I was surprised and disappointed. One set of grandparents writes about their <<weekly>> visits with their daughter’s family and less than warm interactions with their son-in-law. Yikes! Who would want their in-laws to show up weekly? The young family must be free to explore their own community and beyond, plus sports and activities with their own friends. The grandparents should do the same, taking in some museums and a movie once in a while. So much enforced togetherness is a burden for all and a pleasure for none. Perhaps once a month there could some interaction if it’s convenient.

Also, in John Schwarz’s “Ruminations” column, the grandfather of 18, two of them twins, expresses wonderment at the large number of twins in the world now. With IVF, twins are much more common than in the past.

Thank you for your quality newspaper!

<— Janet Darlington

A twin, conceived the old-fashioned way, mother of four, and grandmother of ten>

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