<The following letter was addressed to the city council and forwarded to us by the author for publication.>

Along with dozens, likely hundreds, or perhaps thousands of our fellow citizens, I was alarmed by the published reports concerning the recent request by the Commission on Human Rights to the Council to issue a resolution designating Rye a sanctuary city.

This measure would, inter alia, invent a new prohibited status in the Rye City Code, violate provisions of the United States Code, possibly jeopardize the safety of our fellow citizens by unlawfully refusing to inform ICE of the City’s criminal arrest of a fugitive, and ignore the recent DOJ position barring funding from the DOJ (and possible clawbacks).

You are aware of the DOJ funding to Rye last fall for 18 bullet-proof vests, and assumedly for the FBI presence and otherwise the community is not at present aware. The funding bar and clawbacks could quite properly later extend to fire, police, schools, and transportation. Moreover, if this action is taken, the Council will also quite properly subject the City to an Article 78 proceeding for, inter alia, violation of laws and the Council’s duty to follow them.

This matter was not on the agenda for this week’s Council meeting. I do not know whether it has been scheduled for May 3, or if in fact this appalling initiative has been or will be withdrawn.

If this measure is scheduled at some future point, I would appreciate notice thereof, and request a brief period to speak in opposition.

Thank you for all you do for our City.

Jerome Coleman

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