By Maureen Mancini Amaturo


Speaking of Fall Fashion…


Fall ’17 fashion can be described in one word: FUN. It’s all about details, bright color, creativity, sensual fabrics. “Texture. Update to a velvet blazer this season,” says Hayden Maitre, manager of Great Stuff. “It’s all about the sleeve details — smocking, fringe. I’m seeing lots of camo in shades of green. And fur trims and touches, faux and real. And lots of velvet.” Here are only a few of the trends everyone is talking about.  


<<<Red>>>If you add only one color to your closet for fall, make it red. Dramatic and classic, professional and playful. It adds pop in small doses or makes a statement as a jacket or boot choice.  


<<<Statement Sleeves>>> If you haven’t added a statement-sleeve something to your wardrobe yet, I’d be surprised. This will be an easy find as you shop for updates. 


<<<Classic Jeans>>> Higher waist rather than low-rise. Straight leg. Unfinished hems — with a fringe look — and deconstructed bottoms. “The trend is less rips, a cleaner jean with all the focus on the hem. Jeans with definition at the bottom,” says jeans expert Sheryl Blit, at Havana Jeans. “Mid-rise is very popular. It’s about comfort, comfort, comfort. Also, we’re seeing lots of velvet and stars on everything.”  


<<<Metallic>>> Not just for parties anymore. How do you not feel great in something shiny? Pair metallic with toned-down pieces, i.e, a metallic skirt with a wool blazer, metallic tank beneath a velvet or denim jacket, a metallic sweater with jeans. Too shy to shine? Try a silver clutch or scarf or metallic gold sneakers. Metallic is going to the office, too. 


<<<Luxe Looks>>> Rich, soft textures shearling, chenille, velour, and the No. 1 for fall, velvet. “Velvet shoes, dresses, tops, and anything with burn-out detail,” Melissa Mor, buyer at Angela’s said. Velvet shoes, bombers, tops, blazers, handbags, and anything that can possibly be made from velvet will freshen your fall look. Luxury looks, including leather, are big for the office.



 “Definitely seeing lots of fringe in suede, cashmere, ponchos, everywhere,” says Caroline Schneider at Lola. You’ll find it on fall jackets,  tops, dresses, belts, and handbags will be fringed-out, too. As if fringe isn’t fun to wear on anything.


<<<Feathers>>> This trend was all over the fall runways. Rock feathers on shoes, trimming sweaters, tops, dresses, and more. This might be even more fun than fringe.


<<<The Visible Zipper>>> Like it or not, this detail is not going away just yet. The good news, zippers are being designed to look more interesting and funky and less utilitarian. 


<<<Anything Space-Themed>>> “We’re seeing stars everywhere from high-end designers to active wear,” says Melissa Mor. As fall prints go, this theme eclipses the ever-trendy polka dots and florals. Moon, galaxy images, and especially stars are hot.  


<<<A Flattering Belt>> Wide, waist-cinching, ornamented belts are updating sweaters, classic white button-downs, and maxi dresses. 



<<In the Shoe Department>>


Cheryl Zeitlin, manager of Shoes ‘N More says, “Slip-ons are still very big, and heels are shorter and wider. Details, embellished heels, and fur touches, on shoes. Suede is still very big.” A few of the newest fall footwear trends to watch:


<<Crisp white boots>>> Yep, white. Bright white combat, lace-up, or patent leather. Forget Nancy Sinatra’s go-go boots. Think Ashley Olsen’s lace-up version from “The Row”. Wear them any way you’d wear your black boots, but these are a lot more fun.


<<<Embellished Heels>>> Beaded, printed, embroidered, or metallic heels. Best with a clean look, like jeans, a black skirt, a tailored blazer to keep the eye on the heel. A heel with personality shouldn’t fight with the rest of your outfit for the spotlight. It’s meant to be noticed.

<<<Textural Details and Materials>>> Suede, velvet, shearling. Fur as trim or for the body of the shoe. 

Crop, flared leather star-print jeans at Angela's    

Denim jacket with star-design sleeve at Great Stuff    

Lots of fringe at Lola

Fur-trimmed jacket at Great Stuff

Accessories with a metallic touch at Angela’s

Red suede jacket with fringe and red clutch at Lola

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