New Principal Tina Wilson Fits Right Into the Rye Neck Equation

By Janice Llanes Fabry

Tina Wilson officially walked through the corridors of Rye Neck High School as the new principal on July 5, and has already been swept up in “Rye Neck’s tremendous amount of pride.”

“I was very purposeful when I applied here,” she said. “Rye Neck is a well-performing district that promotes leadership, achievement, and learning — three goals I believe in. I also know the strong sense of community that exists here.”

An educator for 18 years, Wilson’s last ten were spent as an administrator, most recently as an assistant principal at Hendrick Hudson High School. She is well versed in the supervision of curriculum and instruction, the development of professional learning communities, and the expansion of programs to meet the many academic and enrichment needs of students.

“I want high school to be the positive experience it is supposed to be,” she stressed. “I want the students to feel nurtured, yet challenged.”

The new principal’s immediate goal at Rye Neck is meeting with the teachers. “They have already been tremendously helpful in identifying the school’s strengths and in helping me learn the district’s history and traditions,” she remarked. “As more faculty and staff members trickle in, I will be observing, listening, and learning to determine next steps.”

Grateful for former longtime principal Dr. Barbara Ferraro’s presence on campus, Wilson noted, “She knows the community, the teachers, the families, and individual students. She built a tremendous school here and to follow in her footsteps is an honor.”

Wilson also plans to acquire the students’ input. “I ask a lot of questions and I will get an idea of the courses they want and those we might not have. I will determine where there are opportunities for growth, including AP courses and STEAM electives.”

Before becoming an administrator, Wilson was a tenured science and mathematics teacher. Except for her nascent year teaching at a middle school, she has predominantly worked at the high school level.

“I enjoy working with high school students. This is an important time in their lives. High school offers students a safe environment in which to explore their passions and to figure out what motivates them,” she explained. “It is the place for students to set goals, gain confidence through challenging coursework and extracurricular activities, and to become leaders, be it in service programs, school clubs, and sports, or student government.”