By Melanie Cane

Do you dread bedtime with your kids? Is it a constant battle getting them to go to sleep? If so, then join the club, literally.

The Sleepytime Club, created by Rye resident Brook Packard, is a book-of-the-month and album-of-the-month club geared for ages 2-7. The system is designed to make bedtime easier for all.

Club members receive a downloadable kit that includes an illustrated storybook, as well as songs and quiet activities. Parents and children bond through interactive poems, a story, and a mindfulness practice, “Put the Day to Bed.” Each playlist ends with a classical guitar version of a lullaby. The entire routine takes about 20 minutes.

Packard developed Sleepytime Club because she herself suffered from sleep difficulties. In her research, she discovered sleep deprivation is a pervasive problem that can lead to other conditions, such as anxiety and difficulty concentrating. She also learned that experts recommend establishing a calming bedtime routine.

An early childhood educator and music specialist, Packard described her thought process: “I wanted to provide families with a quality, nurturing experience. Bedtime isn’t bedtime without a story, so I worked to create ones that send positive messages, lead children to sleep, and give parents an assurance they’re doing their best. Adding relaxing music came naturally to me,” she said.

Since launching the Club, Packard has produced four Bedtime Kits: Stars, Heart, Moon, and Clouds. And she plans to add nine more this year.

<Packard will share her knowledge of bedtime routines and positive family habits at a free Get Your Sleep On! Webinar May 8 at 10:30 a.m. Sign up at>


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