The ever-crafty Sue Seitz loves nature as much as she does Rye. Six years ago she came up with the idea of building birdhouses modeled after venerated locales. The City was happy to install them at the Five Points intersection across from Kelly’s, where they’ve benefitted the birds and beautified a corner of town.

In the intervening years, trees have grown and covered some of those birdhouses and residents of all ages, a number of them Midland School students, have asked Sue to remodel them — and build more!

Earlier this month, DPW workers installed four new ones: The Smoke Shop (in memory), the Square House (based on the original design), Playland (complete with a solar-powered Ferris wheel), and Chicken Joe’s, the newest of local icons.

Photos courtesy of Sue Seitz

Chicken Joe’s before its elevation

DPW workers Pat Lemon (in hard hat) and Drew Ferris installing Sue Seitz’s birdhouse modeled after the old Smoke Shop.

The Square House going up

 Playland model

The Square House model up close