Hoping Rock Chipping Study Leads to Greater Noise Protection For Neighborhoods

I was pleased to see that Mayor Sack has appointed a new group to study rock-chipping (Rye Record, November 7) and I hope that the outcome of the study will be a reduction of the huge disruption rock chipping has on our neighborhoods.

I live on Highland Road next door to the tremendous construction project at 135 Highland. Until last July, I had a pleasant view of a landscaped hill next door. This has now become a rock-filled flat wasteland.

Deafeningly loud construction noise takes place every day from early morning until night. Although the incessant drilling does not (usually) begin until 8, I am awakened before 7 each morning by the tremendous crashing of trucks driving to the site and by workmen readying equipment with much banging and crashing. The work begins about 7:30, with the chipping starting soon after, and continues without pause until evening. It is often impossible to hear and be heard on the telephone.

My neighbors have told me that the noise can be heard throughout Indian Village and Dogwood Lane. Also, in addition to the constant banging, we have the problem of spreading dust, which causes sneezing and coughing and dirties the car and windows of my house.

I have been coping with this disturbance since last summer and understand that the project will not be complete until next spring.

Although it is probably too late to control the noise from the present project, I hope that Rye will be able to protect residents from further such intrusions on their peace.

I believe that is unconscionable for neighborhoods to be subjected to this sort of long-term disruption which is plainly motivated by a greedy desire to profit from destroying existing trees and land in order to build huge houses. Perhaps the study group will respect Rye citizens and set much-needed limits on the noise allowance and duration of future building.


— Frances Ginsberg


Thanks from Our State Senator

A note of thanks to all who voted on Election Day, and thanks, especially to those who gave me the opportunity to serve a second term in the State Senate. I will continue to work hard and to be accessible to listen to your advice and ideas. Thanks, too, to The Rye Record for their fair and thorough coverage of the race from beginning to end.

Warmest wishes to all of our families for a Happy Thanksgiving,


— George Latimer
NYS Senator

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