Rye Needs Rock Chipping Relief


I add my voice to the pleas for relief from the rock chipping torture inflicted on the citizens of Rye whom the City Council has been elected to represent. 


A 30-day limit is inadequate. There are alternatives to rock chipping which should be considered. If they are more expensive than chipping, the developers who are reaping fortunes should shoulder the expense.


There should also be a limit to the delays in construction that give our neighborhoods the appearance of a war zone while builders like those developing 10 Captains Lane take more than a year slow-marching their project.


— Bob Marrow


Downtown Needs a Good Cleaning

Reading your article (June 5, 2015) about the planned Village intersection improvements, it strikes me that, unless Rye implements some cleanliness standards, all the other physical improvements are for naught.

Walking through town, one sees that the parking areas around trees are unattractive, disheveled, and full of weeds and trash.

The parking meters are so dirty one might contract an incurable disease while paying to park. The alleyway near Belle Cleaners, from the small Municipal parking lot to Purchase Street, needs regular sweeping; it’s always filled with discarded cups, cigarette butts, and more.

The odors from various businesses, where garbage sits for long periods waiting to be removed, are very unpleasant. The dumpsters and the trash receptacles are overflowing most days of the week.

The sidewalks in front of many businesses, in addition to being in disrepair, are unclean, laden with spilled ice cream and coffee and wrappers from fast food purchases.

For years, Rye had a pleasant police presence. They walked the beat and directed traffic at different times. There is something to be said for that. Greenwich has it and it is quite comforting.

Maybe this infrastructure plan, although well meaning, is putting the cart before the horse.

Just some thoughts from someone who deeply loves Rye and is truly saddened to see the village so downtrodden. It is the soul of Rye and deserves to be treated with more respect.

— Karen Butler


Inexplicable Vandalism at Rye Town Park


About six weeks ago, the Friends of Rye Town Park installed a coin-operated duck-feeding machine next to the pond, along with a posted sign explaining the benefits to the ducks and pond by not feeding them bread. It is part of an ongoing effort to keep the park clean and the pond healthy and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.  

For the first week or two the machine worked wonderfully, was well received by park users, and, along with that, there was a lot less litter around the pond area. Shortly after that, the vandalism at the machine began, ending with its destruction sometime over Memorial Day weekend.

Can someone explain why the destruction of the machine brought someone joy? The coins were still in the unit, so it obviously was not theft. A police report has been filed. The Friends of Rye Town Park is seriously considering whether or not to replace the machine.  

Having witnessed the happiness of children feeding the ducks with corn from the machine, and the cleanliness that has resulted in the area around the pond, it boggles the mind as to why this act of vandalism has occurred.

Rye Town Park is here for all to enjoy. Having this wonderful green space right in our own backyard is something to be treasured and safeguarded. If you are enjoying your time in the park and should witness someone doing something destructive, I urge you to report it to the office or the Rye Police Department immediately. After all, we are all owners of this beautiful place.

— Liz Northshield


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