No Place For Commercial Solicitation at Graduation


Recently, we proudly celebrated the Rye High School graduation of our daughter in what has become a wonderful ceremony and tradition within our community. At the completion of the commencement, while still on the stadium field taking pictures with grandparents and other family members, a young man approached our graduate and handed her an envelope with the word “Congratulations” written on the front. Thinking it was something official from the school, we threw it in the tote bag to be opened later.


Afterwards, when the envelope was opened, it turned out to be a letter from a Mike Ambrosino, Westchester District Manager for Vivint Inc., a large home security and automation company. We found this commercial invasion into a most special moment in the lives of families and their graduates to be among the most tasteless actions a large corporation can take. This was not a football game, a parade, or other open civic event. This was a high school graduation. The judgment used in soliciting graduates by Mike Ambrosino of Vivint was questionable at best.


On behalf of all future graduates and their families, we sent a request to Vivint that they prohibit this ill-conceived behavior immediately, and that they adopt an acceptable ethical code by which it engages local communities.


We only hope that other commercial enterprises don’t decide this is an attractive way to reach a certain demographic group.

— Karen and Ray Schmitt


Why Is Rye So Slow to Repair its Roads?


I just finished reading your article “Downtown Streets Are Really Ready for Their Renovation,” and want to second the nomination for Milton Road to be repaired. It’s a well-traveled road not just by Rye residents but by so many others who travel to the three clubs and Wainwright House on Stuyvesant Avenue. 


It is a disgrace to have Rye City roads in such deplorable condition. I cringe as my car rattles along the decrepit ones and I anticipate the damage being done to my tires, alignment.


We have a wonderful little city here. Why are we so lax in repairing our streets? We pay high taxes. Where is all our tax money going?


Please add my vote to the ballot to get Milton Road repaired NOW. Hopefully, the rest of our roads will be fixed very soon.


Hoping for the best,


  — Mari Waltz


Great Feature on a Wonderful Couple


Congratulations to The Rye Record for the lovely article about Lou and Ruth

Jaskow. They have been a delightful couple to know since we first met them at a Westchester Orchid Society meeting many years ago. We have a huge plant of Lou’s famous Dendrobium kingianum <Ruth> which performs reliably every year. One of my favorite sights is to see the energetic couple on their frequent hikes through our Greenhaven neighborhood.


— John Friede

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# Joan Walters Drake 2014-02-07 18:59
Dear Judy Ryen: I am sorry we have never met; I write to wish you well in your retirement. FYI, I got my first Rye Library borrower's card in 1938 when I was 7 years old and a student at Milton School. Marcia Dolphin was head librarian and Miss Doris Bird, my neighbor on Milton Point, was in charge of the Children's Room on the wonderfully magical 2nd floor. I used to ride my bike to the library on Saturdays to return last week's 2 books and check out 2 more. We had to be very quiet in the library and it seemed almost a holy place to me. The children's room had books on display, arranged by Miss Bird, and its shelves full of the most interesting books in the world; I always wanted to take more than just two and it was hard to leave the rest behind to wait for another day. After my visit to the library I would go to the Saturday matinee at the Rye Playhouse which was situated where the Town Offices now stand. Weekends were a great treat in contrast to the confines of the classroom. I know the library has changed greatly; I visited there to do some family research about 5 years ago. It does not have its former cloistered and magical quiet and its totally book-focused atmosphere, yet it serves all the new needs of the day. I'm glad you were there to help Rye residents of the past 29 years to learn to love books as Ms. Bird & Ms. Dolphin did for my generation. I have visited and/or used libraries on several continents but Rye Library is still my favorite. All the best, Joan Walters Drake, Washington, DC, February 3, 2014
# Anne McCarthy 2014-03-23 09:39
Mr. Seitz is right on here with his observations of the zoning board. The only thing I disagree with is that this particular instance sets a bad precedent...the precedent was set long ago. This instance is simply par for the course. Profit motive was entirely the reason variances were granted to 2 Central Ave (the old Black Bass). The neighborhood objected, the property is in a flood zone, and the larger building will create additional traffic and parking challenges. The only reasons the variances were granted were Rex Gedney was the architect and Jon Kraut the lawyer. With Alan Weil at the helm of the zoning board for more than 10 years now, it's really King Alan's royal court and nothing resembling a functioning municipal government.
# Anne McCarthy 2014-04-04 23:13
By simply saying something is a false accusation without presenting supporting evidence further illustrates Mr. Weil's obnoxious, dictatorial style. He presents no supporting data that he isn't influenced by profit or contacts. Just more blathering declarations by King Alan. Do unto others Mr. Weil...I am doing unto you. NYS ZBA guidelines recommend 3-5 year terms for members. There is absolutely nothing generous about your service. You are a destructive member of this community and should be treated as such. I, for one, won't bow down.