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Events in Rye

Police Blotter



Updated October 9

10/6: Not K-9, we hope. Unit sent to assist kitten stuck in a hole, Bulkley Manor.






Resist the Temptation to Wrest Power from the City Manager

The following letter was read at the October 8 City Council meeting and sent to us by the authors for publication.




obits-thJodi Ritter

Jodi Ritter, owner of Paw-Pourri, the longtime dog grooming business on Milton Road in Rye, died September 1, 2014.


Morsels on Rye


Mehdi and Betsy Brown Sunderji announce the birth of a son, James Harry Sunderji on August 16, 2014 at Greenwich Hospital.



Health & Fitness


health-th-homePinpointing Kalson’s Passion

Tracy Kalson would like nothing better than to dispel the prevailing myths about acupuncture.

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Life & Style


annabel-th-hALONG FOR THE RYE'D: Picture Day Grimace
When I had my first son, someone gave me one of those School Days photo frames to house all the school pictures I would collect over the years.

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Business & Orgs



OPEN FOR BUSINESS:  Good Golly, Miss Molly

We’ve got a great new market in town with an old-fashioned feel, market that the Midland School neighborhood has warmly embraced. And the rest of Rye is catching on.

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AT THE MOVIES: “Gone Girl,” Not Likely to Be Forgotten

Every great murder mystery seeks two answers. The first, of course, is the identity of the murderer (after all, that’s why we call these stories “whodunits”).

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Editor's Choice

  • BirdEdit-thPhotographer’s Journal:
    A fishing trip to Montana was also a chance for Jay Mahoney to spot and photograph wildlife, which he does passionately, respectfully.

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  • jayday-edit-thWhat A Day At The Jay:

    Families flocked to the Jay Heritage Center September 28 for Jay Day. Elisabeth Casey, Co-President JHC Preservationists, said they were thrilled with the turnout, which was close to 1,000.

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  • retelling-edit-thA Life Worth the Retelling, A World Worth Rebuilding:
    In the small country of Rwanda, the two main tribes, Hutus and the minority Tutsis, had been fighting for several years as rebel Tutsis had been on the Ugandan border trying to get back into the country.

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  • PEP-edit-thFriday Night Lights:

    The whole town lights up the night before the annual Rye-Harrison Football game, starting off with the Pep Rally and Bonfire.  

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  • garnets-edit-thRYE HIGH FOOTBALL: Garnets Trounce Huskies
    The 84th edition of The Game was a typical Rye-Harrison affair. There were touchdowns, interceptions, unsung heroes,

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  • tri-edit-thThe Sunday Sporting Life
    Sundays aren’t for sleeping if you’re a super athlete and it’s the day of the Jarden Westchester Triathlon.

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    Gardening has been a part of Sarah Barringer’s life since she childhood.

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